Saturday, October 13, 2007

Quote re: Atheistic Evolution

"Take the human body alone---the chance that all the functions of the individual could just happen, is a statistical monstrosity."

(George Gallup, originator or the well-known opinion polls)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"To suppose that the eye...could have been formed by natural selection, seems...absurd in the highest possible degree" (Darwin)

Could a camera form from atoms, purely by accident, even after billions of years? The human eye is something FAR more complex than a camera, and the eye is only one small part of the entire human body. Not only that, but the eye would be completely useless and non-functional unless it were fully developed. Why would portions of the eye evolve at all, if they were not even functional until the final, fully integrated mechanism that we see today? This even contradicts the very idea of natural selection: if it doesn’t help the organism (i.e., if the step-by-step process of evolution is non-functional until only after billions of years), then why would that portion evolve? In fact, it wouldn’t---it would be non-functional, so it would disappear during the evolutionary process of natural selection (i.e., it would not be beneficial for survival, and it would not help to adapt to a given environment, so it would not be a predominant trait), and everyone and everything today would be eyeless and blind!