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This is an e-mail that was recently sent to me:

To all those who value life,

Please take a few minutes to consider the life of our sister in the faith Rifqa Bary, which is once again in grave jeopardy. On Tuesday October 27th, Rifqa Bary was handed over to Ohio authorities for placement in foster care in Franklin County. Over the previous weekend, Rifqa’s former Florida Guardian Ad Litem, Krista Bartholomew, made a very unfortunate and naive deal with Rifqa’s parent’s attorney David Colley that allowed Rifqa to be transferred back to Ohio. The gist of this (behind the scenes) deal was the following:

1. Because Rifqa’s parents are in the U.S. illegally, they refused and defied numerous court orders to produce documents detailing their immigration status. As a result, Rifqa’s parents were in danger of being arrested for contempt of court. The Florida judge who had emergency jurisdiction over the case said that even though the jurisdiction is transferred to Ohio, he was not going to release her until they produced the proper documentation that satisfied the court.

Well, in order to have the immigration issue go away for Rifqa’s parents, Mohammad Bary’s attorney, David Colley, cut a ‘behind the scenes’ deal in which the Florida court would drop the contempt of court issue regarding their immigration situation in exchange for an assurance that they would leave Rifqa alone and let her stay in foster care for the next 9 months until she is 18. This sounded like it was too good to be true, and it was! As soon as Rifqa was transferred into Ohio custody and the Florida court gave up their emergency jurisdiction over Rifqa and the immigration issue, Rifqa’s parents fired their own attorney that made the deal! Simply put, now that Rifqa was in ‘favorable’ hands in Ohio, all deals are off!

In my opinion, this was all part of a premeditated plan on the part of Rifqa’s parents and the organization called C.A.I.R. who has been advising them according to the Florida department of law enforcement report released to the public. They have since hired a Muslim activist attorney named Omar Tarazi that is no doubt influenced by the mafia like C.A.I.R. organization whose sole agenda is to paint a positive picture of Islam in America at any cost. (The slander of the Lorenz family, as well as the slander of 17-year-old Rifqa’s own character by releasing her prayer journals to the media, are perfect examples of how C.A.I.R. ruthlessly operates to accomplish their agenda.) They completely went back on the agreement that they made to leave Rifqa alone, and I believe they now are planning to continue to pursue to get her back against Rifqa’s will. C.A.I.R. wants her silenced both now, and in the future, because they know that Rifqa’s story of abuse is common among many Muslim families. Apostasy in Islam is not something they want to shine a light on. They know that as her story gets out there, there will be a massive exodus of Muslims just like her. Indeed, it has already begun!

2. If that was not bad enough, Rifqa went back to a hostile environment in Ohio right away. In an article posted on Saturday October 24’th, three days before her return to Ohio, the Columbus Dispatch reported that Eric Fenner, the executive director of Franklin County Children Services, has said that he has stated that he “has no reason to believe that Rifqa wouldn’t be safe with her parents.” Remember this is coming from the very person who has charge over protecting her!

Rifqa then arrived back to Ohio on Tuesday October 27th. Upon her arrival came a new set of restrictions that her parents and Muslim attorneys have been trying to impose on her from the beginning…solitary confinement! While Rifqa was being protected in Florida, they repeatedly tried to separate Rifqa from other Christians that she leaned on for strength and encouragement. Rifqa’s Muslim parents have been saying from the beginning that they don’t believe that Rifqa became a Christian on her own accord, rather they believe that her real problem is that she has been brain washed by other people through Facebook and over the phone. Immediately upon Rifqa’s arrival to Ohio, came new draconian measures to limit her freedom already! Franklin County Juvenile Magistrate Mary Goodrich put these restrictions on Rifqa at the request of the Franklin county children's services agency immediately upon her arrival back to the state of Ohio.

“Bary's use of Facebook was one issue that led to the situation, said Jim Zorn, a children's services attorney, who asked Goodrich to restrict Bary from using the Internet and her cell phone. "What we want to restrict is the other people, the other organizations, the other forces, that have interjected themselves into this case inappropriately, and has caused the additional problems that we've seen," Zorn said.

Zorn’s account of Rifqa’s situation is absolutely false! Where is he getting his information? It seems as if the Ohio director of children’s services in Franklin County is reading right out of the C.A.I.R. and radical Muslim playbook for this case. Facebook did not in any way lead to this situation. What led to this situation was the fact that a very bright and intelligent girl decided to leave Islam and become a Christian. According to numerous passages in the Qur’an and other Islamic scriptures, this is called apostasy and is punishable by death. Like many others all over the world, Rifqa faced this threat of death, or even deportation back to Sri-Lanka by her own family along with pressure from the Columbus Ohio mosque that her family was actively apart of.

What crime did Rifqa Bary commit that she would be held with such restrictions from communicating to the outside world? While it is legal for 17-year-old girls in this country to have abortions without parental agreement, this 17-year-old girl is forbidden to have unrestricted access to her phone or Facebook friends of her choosing! Is she under house arrest because she is a Christian? This sounds like Sharia law in Ohio!

Immediate Call to Action:

Before I get into the specifics of how we can help, let me say this about a very common misunderstanding that many Christians have regarding God’s sovereignty and fighting for justice. Many of my well-meaning brothers and sisters in the church have wondered what the balance is between sitting back, trusting God, and actively fighting for justice. Some have said that because I am fighting for justice in Rifqa’s situation, I am taking the situation in my hands and I am not trusting that God is sovereign over this situation. That is ridiculous to say the least. First of all there is a tremendous amount of support in scripture that commands the people of God to not remain silent in the face of injustice, and to speak and defend those who cannot defend themselves. For time’s sake, I will not list those passages here. If you need help finding these scriptures along with their proper context, let me know and I’d be glad to help direct you to the appropriate passages. All actions of justice should come from a heart of prayer first and foremost. It is from this place of prayer and intimacy with the Lord that we will find the courage, specific direction, and strength to understand and actually do what He is calling us to do! While not everyone will be called to do the same thing, the Lord will burden our hearts for the things that burden His heart as well. His sovereign heart and actions are carried out through the church, which is made up of people! We cannot separate ourselves from this. We are His body, His hands, His feet, His mouth, etc…

A lack of a proper understanding between God’s sovereignty and His heart for justice is what allowed the church to sit passively by in Nazi Germany as Jewish people were slaughtered by the millions while Christians were paralyzed by fear and did nothing. Corrie Ten Boom was an exception to the rule. She was not afraid, and she knew what God had called her to do. There should have been millions of Corrie Ten Booms in Germany at that time. This same cowardice and passivity is also what has allowed over 3000 children to be murdered by abortion each and every day in this nation with little or no outcry in prayer and public against this tragedy. We must get this right!

Now with that said, here are some specific things we can do for Rifqa right now:

Since most of Rifqa’s Florida support base is cut off from her, and she is now under the care of authorities that do not take the threat to her life seriously, I would like to ask you to help them understand that Rifqa is not alone and that there are many people who will not sit idly by while Rifqa is sent back to her demise. This does make a difference. Rifqa’s story must continue to be told for her sake, and for the sake of many others! Feel free to repost this article and pass it along to anyone you would like for the sake of getting the word out.

Please contact Franklin County Children Services and the Ohio governor’s office at the following addresses and let them know that you want Rifqa to be able to have the basic freedoms to communicate to the outside world, and that she needs to be protected from her parents & the radical Islamic community:

Franklin County children services can be reached here:

The Ohio governor’s office can be reached here:

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The Islamic Slave Trade


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Islamic view of Christians

Islam has two views of Christians (which should not be surprising since, as noted in my recent posts, there is a duality in Islam). The first view is that Christianity and Islam are ‘brother’ religions. The second view is that Christians must change their religion to meet the demands of Islam. Modern Christians want to believe that there is a bridge between Islam and Christianity. But the history of Islam shows that Islam works first to deceive, and then annihilate, Christianity. For 1400 years, Islam has destroyed Christian lands.

The Christians do not play a pivotal role like the Jews did, in the formation of Islam. That is, the Koran does not have a lot to say about Christians. Nor does the Sira (the life of Mohammed) have much to say about Christians. But Islam's attitude toward Christians can be seen in some of the final days of Mohammed's life, when he sent out troops against the Christians in the North of Syria. It was Mohammed's intent to attack the Christians. Soon after he died, that's exactly what occurred. Though the Christians did not play a pivotal role in the formation of Islam, the Christians did, however, play a very important role in the history of Islam. Remember that all the Middle East, North Africa, and what we now call Turkey, was Christian.

Since these areas are Islamic today, there is a history there, but let's take a look at Islam through a more modern eye. Two days after 9/11, phone calls started going out to all of the churches, with the request: “Let us send a Muslim to your church, and he will tell you about Islam, the peaceful religion.” Well, one church decided to go one better. They invited a group of imams (the imams are Muslim religious leaders); they also invited several Christian ministers. The Christians arrived that night in groups of ones and twos. Then, about the time the meeting was to start, in came all the Muslims. The imams came in as a group onto the stage, and the Muslim men filed in next. They surrounded the Christians in their seats. And then, the Muslim women came in, all dressed in black, from head to toe, and they sat in the back of the room. As Muslim women, they knew what their place was in public gatherings.

The first thing that happened was, an imam walked up to the lectern and placed a very large Koran on top, and opened it up about half-way. This was a symbolic act that was indicative of the entire night. The Christians didn't think anything about it one way or the other, but for the Muslims, it was a mark of who they were.

You see, Islam is a word that means ‘submission.’ In Islam, ‘submission’ has several meanings. For the Muslim, it means to submit to the Koran, the will of Allah and the sunnah of Mohammed. In addition, all Muslims are to make all others who are not Muslims, submit to them. So, they were there to dominate. What the Muslims did was to place the Koran as the focal point of dominance, because this is where, normally, the Bible would have been. This act of dominance was symbolic of the entire night.

One of the imams got up and started to give his talk. He first said that Christians and Muslims worship the same God. Well, that seemed like a good foot to get started on. Of course, it is not true, but since the Christians did not know anything about the god Allah, that seemed fine to them. The imam said they, too, honor Jesus, because Jesus was a prophet of Allah, and Jesus was a Muslim. He also explained that Jesus was not the Son of God; He was merely a Muslim prophet. And for that matter, the apostles were also Muslims. This came perhaps as a surprise to the ministers, but they didn't say anything. The imam then went ahead to say that Jesus was not crucified, and therefore was not resurrected.

The next thing he told the Christians was that the concept of the Trinity was a great affront to Allah. There was no such thing as the Trinity, and such a doctrine made the Christians polytheists. The fact that Christians are viewed as polytheists explains something that happened at the beginning, when the Christian minister first said, “Let us pray together.” There was almost a panicked response from the imams at this. "No," they said, "No! We do not pray with others." This was quite puzzling to the Christian minister, but since the Christians were there as hosts, and they were there to be kind and polite, he didn't say anything. But you could tell from the puzzled look on the minister's face that he was thinking, “Why would they object to praying together?” The reason is that the Christians are viewed as polytheists. To pray with them is a terrible sin, so terrible in fact, that it has a special name: “shirk.” The Koran says that if they had prayed with the Christians, they would definitely go to Hell. Praying with the Christians would have been a sin worse than mass murder, for the Muslims.

Again, the Christians did not understand anything about Islam, or they would have never made the invitation to prayer. Or, they would have simply gone ahead and prayed, with the Muslims sitting there. The Muslims dominated at this point. Inside of a Christian Church, there would be no prayers with the Christians.

Another thing that the imam said in his talk was that the New Testament was a corrupt document, and was in error. Not only was the New Testament in error, but also, so was the Old Testament. But in particular, the reason that the New Testament was wrong was that Jesus' chief prophecy foretold that after him would come the final prophet, and his name would be Ahmed (‘Ahmed’ and ‘Mohammed’ are like ‘Bill’ and ‘William’). The imam said Christians had removed these prophecies from the New Testament. This was one of the many reasons that the New Testament was a document that was simply wrong. If Christians wanted to learn the real story of Jesus, what they would have to do was to read the Koran, because the Koran contains the exact truth about Isa, the Arabic word for Jesus.

[Note: Muslims claim that in one of the early codices of the Qur’an which Uthman ordered to be burnt, namely that of the expert reciter Ubayy ibn Ka’b, Surah 61.6 read somewhat differently. He omitted the conclusion "his name will be Ahmad" (ismuhu ahmad) and in its place records Jesus as saying that he was announcing a prophet who would bear the seal of Allah from his prophets and messengers (khatumullaahu bihil-anbiyaa’ wal-rusuli).]

Imagine if the Christian minister had stood up and made these assertions - that Mohammed was not a prophet of any sort; that the Koran was a derivative work; that is it was just a book in which things were copied from the Jews and Christians, Zoroastrians and the old Arabic religions; that Allah was simply the tribal moon god of the Koreish tribe. That is equivalent to what the Muslim minister said, but the Christians didn't do that for two reasons: One, they were the host, and they were going to be polite. The other reason was they had no idea that the Koran was a derivative work. In response to questions from the audience, none of the Christians had read the Koran, nor had they read the traditions of Mohammed (the hadith). Nor did they know anything about Mohammed's life. But, the imams had read the New Testament and the Old Testament, so they knew the Christian beliefs, and Christians knew nothing of them. This was the way the entire night went. The Muslims asked the Christians questions, and the questions that they asked were 1400 years old. These were stock questions, but the ministers were caught flat-footed. They had never thought about these kinds of questions before. Again, the Moslems came prepared, and the Christians were not prepared.

The lack of preparations by the Christians could be shown when one minister started talking badly about the Crusades and apologized for them. This meant he knew nothing about the Crusades. Yes, mistakes were made in the Crusades, but overall, they were a great good. Why were they a great good? It was one of the few times the Christians in Europe recognized the intense suffering of the Christians in the Middle East. The reasons the Crusades were started were simple. They came as a response to a cry for help. And why did these Christians cry for help? Because they were being murdered, robbed and taxed to death by their Muslim overlords.

Now how did these Muslims become their overlords? Well, originally that part of the world had been mostly Christian. It did not become Islamic because some imams showed up and started preaching in the marketplace. No; it was Islamic because the sword had been used to kill all those who would defend Christianity, and used to take over the government. So the Crusaders arrived in response to a desperate cry for help.

Basically the minister, with his comments, said he didn't know anything about the history of Christianity and Islam. This is tragic---dreadfully tragic. For over 60 million Christians have been killed in the process of jihad. How did Turkey, which is 99.7 percent Islamic, go from a Greek culture---a country called Anatolia---how did that country go from being Christian to Islamic? The Christians on the stage didn't know how this process happened, nor did they know that 60 million Christians have died in jihad. They also didn't know that in the 20th century alone, a million Armenians were killed in Turkey. Why didn't the ministers know these dreadful facts? Very simply, it's because they went to divinity school and no one ever mentioned these facts. They had never been taught the doctrine of Islam. They didn't know, for instance, that Islam is primarily a political ideology, not a religion.

Why don't they teach this at the universities and divinity schools? Well, nothing happens by accident. And in this case, the reason that Christians don't teach the history of Christianity and Islam is because the process whereby the Middle East, Turkey and North Africa all became Moslem is so dreadful, so painful--- even disgusting---that this horrible, tragic subject has been avoided altogether.

Islam has a political status for the Christians called being a ‘dhimmi.’ Although the Jews were the first dhimmis, the Christians were the biggest dhimmis of all…for one simple reason: there were far more of them. When the Muslims came in and took over the government, and implemented Islamic law---Sharia law---part of this included how Christians and Jews would be treated in public, and how they would be treated in the courts of law. It was dreadful. A dhimmi has no civil rights. So, this history of dhimmitude and special taxes that Christians had to pay, was dreadfully humiliating.

It's a shameful history that includes the death of 60 million Christians. None of the Christians up on the stage knew what happened to the seven churches of Asia. In the book of Revelation in the New Testament, the seven churches are addressed. The seven churches were in Asia Minor, which was Anatolia, or what we call Turkey today. They don't know what happened to those churches, which is a real tragedy. But the story of the destruction of those churches tells a large part of the history of Islam.

Those Christian ministers also had not studied enough about Islam to know that, not only had 60 million Christians been killed in jihad, but 80 million Hindus, 10 million Buddhists and 120 million Africans.

The Christians up on the stage that day didn't know enough to ask about slavery. You see, every slave that was sold to the white man on a wooden ship that brought them to America was bought from a Moslem wholesaler. The Christians didn't know enough to ask, why is it that when you say the Arabic word African, ‘abed,’ it's the same word that's used for a black slave. This night was a demonstration of two things: the knowledge and power of Islam; and how the Christians had not done their homework.

Christians, as well as all “kafirs,” should know how to use the Golden Rule to attack the Koran. Christians and all ‘kafirs’ should know the story of Mohammed.

All ‘kafirs’ should know enough about the Koran that when a Muslim claims that Christians, Jews and Muslims worship the same God, you can offer arguments to show how that is simply not true. The information is available. All ‘kafirs’ should know how to address those issues raised in the church, because everything that the Muslims said from the podium of that church, are the same things they say continually.

All ‘kafirs’---not only Christians---should be able to debate regarding the issue of political Islam---if not with a Muslim, then with anyone, at work or wherever, who brings up the subject. What actual argument can anybody make for being ignorant about the history of political Islam? You really can't. You must face any fears or hesitations you may have about studying political Islam, which may come from a sense of unease about the history of political Islam. There may be good reason that you feel uneasy or hesitant, but these fears must be faced.

One of the reasons that these fears must be faced is that this dreadful history of Islam is continuing and moving through our world today. As an example, Iraq, which used to be a majority Christian nation, is now only 3% Christian---and, of the refugees who are leaving Iraq, 30% are Christian. Why is it that they're being persecuted? That 1400-year history is continuing today in Iraq. All ‘kafirs’ should be made aware of this. In Africa, Christian Africans are being killed and destroyed almost on a daily basis. How can these people be helped?

What is done to Christians is also done to Hindus, Buddhists and atheists. Islam does not discriminate. All ‘kafirs’ must submit.

If you're aware of the history of Islam---if you're aware of its political doctrine---then you can be more useful. And, knowledge about Islam is not merely an ability to hold your own in public debate. Knowledge about Islam will sensitize you so that your politics change, so that you can see that not only has Islam killed 270 million ‘kafirs’ in the past, but it's continuing to do so today.

Islam is destroying ‘kafir’ civilizations on a daily basis. When a Christian is persecuted, a ‘kafir’ is persecuted. The way to prevent this destruction is very simple. It is through knowledge about Islam, knowledge about the Koran, and knowledge about Mohammed.

From Political Islam: Christians

"The indemnity for the death or injury of a woman is one-half the indemnity paid for a man. The indemnity paid for a Jew or Christian is one-third the indemnity paid for a Muslim. The indemnity paid for a Zoroastrian is one-fifteenth that of a Muslim." -- 'Umdat al-Salik, o4.9

"Thus if [a] Muslim commits adultery his punishment is 100 lashes, the shaving of his head, and one year of banishment. But if the man is not a Muslim and commits adultery with a Muslim woman his penalty is execution...Similarly if a Muslim deliberately murders another Muslim he falls under the law of retaliation and must by law be put to death by the next of kin. But if a non-Muslim who dies at the hand of a Muslim has by lifelong habit been a non-Muslim, the penalty of death is not valid. Instead the Muslim murderer must pay a fine and be punished with the lash.... Since Islam regards non-Muslims as on a lower level of belief and conviction, if a Muslim kills a non-Muslim...then his punishment must not be the retaliatory death, since the faith and conviction he possesses is loftier than that of the man slain...Again, the penalties of a non-Muslim guilty of fornication with a Muslim woman are augmented because, in addition to the crime against morality, social duty and religion, he has committed sacrilege, in that he has disgraced a Muslim and thereby cast scorn upon the Muslims in general, and so must be executed....Islam and its peoples must be above the infidels, and never permit non-Muslims to acquire lordship over them." -- Sultanhussein Tabandeh, A Muslim Commentary on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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Will you hear my cry?

An Indonesian teenager, let down by family, friends and society, became a Christian the night Jesus appeared to her in a vision. That special night was Lailatul Qadar when Muslims individualize their prayers to Allah. From the moment she saw Jesus, His peace filled her heart and stayed with her, even as persecution began.

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More Than Dreams

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Islam: Jews

Mohammed used the Jews as the basis for being a prophet. The Jews then became an example of what happens to anyone who resists political Islam. They were assassinated, robbed, executed, raped, enslaved, kidnapped, became the first dhimmis (semi-slaves) and exiled. All of modern Jew hatred by Muslims was formed by Mohammed.

The Jews are very important in the formation of Islam. It could be said that if there were no Jews there would be no Islam. The reason for this can be found in the Koran. When Mohammed had his first vision, which no one else saw, and when he heard the voices that no one else heard, he said that the voice was of the Angel Gabriele. This is important because Gabriele is in the Jewish tradition. From the beginning, Mohammed said that his authenticity rested on the fact that he had the same basis as the prophets in the Old Testament. There were no Jews in Mecca when he started telling his story of Noah, Adam and Moses. The characters were the same, but the stories were different. For instance, in the Jewish scripture, the story of Moses and the Pharaoh is about the release of the Jewish slaves. In the Koran, the story of Moses and the Pharaoh is not about freeing the Jews; instead, it is about the fact that the Pharaoh would not admit that Moses was a prophet. So the Egyptians were destroyed.

In the story of Noah, the same was true. The reason that Allah destroyed the Earth with water was because men would not believe that he was a prophet of Allah. On and on the stories go. All of them changed to advance the Koran's central argument: everyone had to listen and do exactly as a prophet of Allah said. The message of the Koran is: the entire world is divided into those who believe Mohammed and those who do not.

If there had been Jews in Mecca, they would have said: "Wait a minute! That's not the way this story really happened!" The Koran addresses this problem by saying that the stories in the Old Testament have been corrupted. You see, according to the Koran, every one of those people---Adam, Noah, Moses, David, and Solomon---all prophesied that one day would come the final messenger of Allah: Mohammed. But (according to the Koran) the Jews had destroyed all of those prophecies. The real Jewish scriptures are found in the Koran, according to the Koran.

At first the Jews are seen favorably in the Koran of Mecca. But, listen to what Islam has to say today about the Jews in the modern world. Jew hatred by Muslims is reported frequently in Europe today.

Here are some words from modern Muslim political leaders: a former Turkish Prime Minister, in front of crowds, has publicly proclaimed that "the Jews are bacteria and like a disease".

In Saudi Arabia, on a TV show, an interviewer asked the man on the street questions about the Jews. One of them was: 'Would you be willing to shake hands with a Jew?' One person said, "Of course not. I would have to cut off my hand." Another question: 'If a child asked you who were the Jews, what would you say?' One person responded: "Allah's anger is upon them. They strayed from the path of righteousness. They are the filthiest people on the face of the earth, because they only care about themselves."

Another quote from a modern Muslim, who is a professor in a university in Egypt, that is roughly equivalent to Harvard. This imam is on a fatwa committee. A fatwa is simply a legal judgment. So, the legal counsel issued a fatwa saying that Jews were apes and pigs. They went further, to say that: Jews fabricate lies; they listen to lies; they hide the truth and support deception; they are hypocrites; they want other people to feel pain; they are happy when others suffer; they are rude and vulgar; they break their promises; and they're cowards.

This is in decided contrast to Mohammed in Mecca. In Mecca, Mohammed practically claims to be a brother to the Jews. He said that he was the last of the line of the Jewish prophets. What explains this? One explanation for this is that Muslims picked up their Jew hatred from modern Europeans; that it's a remnant of Nazism. Let's examine this further. Let's go back 600 years ago, long before any of the modern Europeans existed.

In Tunisia, when the call to prayer came, a Jew said that Mohammed was no prophet in the line of the Jews. He was beheaded for insulting the prophet. In Morocco, a ruler said that the Jews pay the tax and they are very humble. We will learn later what this means. In North Africa, Jews that sold wine to Muslims were beheaded, and their families sold into slavery. In Tunisia, a Jew who dressed like a Muslim was to be stripped and beaten and jailed. If he was caught riding a horse, he was to be pulled off of the horse, stripped and beaten. In medieval Iran, a Jew was forbidden to go out into the rain, since the water might fall off of him, onto the ground, and a Muslim might step in it and become contaminated. So, as a consequence, when it rained, Jews were not allowed in the marketplace, for fear of contaminating Muslims. All of these stories were before there were any of the modern European states, so we have to look elsewhere for the attitudes of Jew hatred by Muslims.

Let's go back to the Koran, because there are, in effect, two Koran's. The second Koran, written in Medina, draws a totally different picture of the Jews. There were a lot of Jews in Medina. There were three tribes, and they comprised about half the population. When Mohammed entered Medina, it did not take long for the Jews to inform him that he was not a prophet in their lineage. No one could contradict Mohammed, so it didn't take long until he took care of the problem. After about a year, he had become politically powerful enough to attack one of the Jewish tribes. He beat them and took all of their money, and exiled them from Medina. Not long after that, he found an excuse to attack the second Jewish tribe. After he captured them, he took all of their wealth, and was going to do worse. But the Jews had allies amongst the Arabs. One of their old allies stepped forth and said, "Do not harm them; they are former allies of mine." So Mohammed exiled them and took all of their money.

His third attack was against the strongest tribe of Jews. After the Jews surrendered, the men were separated from the women and children. The men were taken into the marketplace, and one by one their heads were cut off---all 800. Mohammed sat there throughout the day, sitting alongside his 12-year-old wife, Aisha. The executions went on into the night. By 10 o'clock at night, the last Jew lost his head, by torchlight. The Jewish children were adopted into the Muslim families and raised as Muslims. He sold them in wholesale lots, into slavery. Now, this is a story that every Muslim knows. There was a different attitude in Medina than in Mecca. But, after the Jews of Medina had been destroyed, Mohammed did not stop there.

He went north to Khaybar where the Jews were prosperous. He put them under siege, and after they surrendered, he took all of their wealth. But this time he did not kill them. A dead Jew does not make you any money. He basically created a new form of human being, called the dhimmi. A dhimmi existed in an Islamic world. A Jew could only be Jewish in his home or in the synagogue. All of the culture, laws and politics were Islamic. A dhimmi had to pay a tax, called the JHIZIYA. Fifty percent of everything they earned was paid to Islam and Mohammed. The Koran says, in addition to paying the tax, that the dhimmi has to be humiliated. Remember the medieval reporting in which the Jews paid the tax and were very humble? That's because they were dhimmis.

But Mohammed did not stop with making enemies out of the Jews of Khaybar. Even as he lay on his deathbed, his last words were, that neither Jew nor Christian shall be allowed in Arabia. Three years after that, when Umar was caliph---that is, supreme ruler of all of Islam---he drove the Jews out of Arabia. From that day forward, there have been no Jews in Arabia. Saudi Arabia exists in religious apartheid.

The Koran goes even further in talking about the Jews; it calls them APES. Remember earlier, back when the fatwa ruled that the Jews are apes and pigs? The modern scholar wasn't making that up. Mohammed added further, that the Jews were rats. So we have here two totally different views of the Jews. This is dualism. One view of the Jews is that the Jews and Muslims worship the same God. Why, they are brothers! The other view of the Jews is they are apes and rats. These are two opposite ideas, but because of the dualism within Islam, they are both seen as true. A Muslim can say to the Jew, "Oh, we worship the same God. We are brothers in religion." Or, he can say they're apes and rats.

Let's move forward from Medina to modern times. There is a problem between Jews and Muslims today. It's known as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is important to know that it is the official position of the Israeli government, that Islam plays no part in the problem of Israel. Let's listen to what the leaders of the Palestinians say. Here is one leader: "I support the Palestinian cause. I support jihad." Israelis proclaim that the problem is simply a modern political problem. It is a struggle between nation-states. But jihad is not a modern concept. It is a 1400-year-old concept. A leader of Hamas said: "The Koran used terms that are closer to animals than human beings. The Jews were likened to a donkey carrying books, and were compared to apes and pigs. The Israelis today are the descendants of apes and pigs." Another leader said: "The Prophet Mohammed foretold that Judgment Day would come only when the Muslims fight the Jews, and the Muslims would kill the Jews, and the stones and trees would say, "Servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me. Come and kill him."

Another Islamic leader says: "Allah willing, we will enter Israel as conquerors and liberators, not through negotiations, but through jihad."

We have here two very different views of the problem in Israel. Jews today deny that Islam has anything to do with Israel's problem, while Muslims say that Islam demands that jihad will annihilate Israel. We covered the history of Jews in Islam, and saw that Mohammed enslaved, killed and created the dhimmi. In that one word, dhimmi, we find the reason that Jews and Christians do not recognize the source of their problems in Islam. They have been annihilated, humiliated and shamed. Jews and Christians were dhimmis. Whether it was North Africa, Spain, turkey or Egypt, the dhimmis were treated badly. No one wants to remember such dreadful history---so they deny its existence.

Instead of telling this 1400-year history of shame, Jewish scholars create a beautiful lie, the lie of the Golden Age of Islam. It is said that the highpoint of civilization was found in Islamic Spain. That it was a culture of tolerance and great intellectual striving. There is a wee bit of truth to this, in that there were a few Jews and a few Christians who prospered and were in high places of government as advisers, and in other capacities. But to call this a 'Golden Age' is an elitist view, because there were very few who prospered. Can a Golden Age exist that is based upon the dhimmitude of kafirs? Can it be a Golden Age when the Europeans fought for seven hundred years to drive out Islam from Spain? Can a Jewish scholar call that a Golden Age, when 5,000 Jews were killed in one day, in Cordoba? There may have been some gold flecks in Spain, but it was no Golden Age.

So it is the history of the dhimmi that explains the case of amnesia when it comes to the history of Islam and the Jews. For that matter, no kafir wants to look back and see how a total of 270 million kafirs were killed over 1400 years. The facts are too disturbing. No kafir wants to look back and say that his ancestors were enslaved. No Jew wants to look back and say that, for 1400 years, they were treated no better than dirt on the street, in Islam.

It is sad that this history is not remembered. Until Israel sees its true place in history---that the Jews of Israel are descendants of the dhimmis of Islam---until Jews accept that the real struggle is against jihad---they will be doomed to repeat the history of Khaybar. The only way to save Israel is to see the true history of Islam. Living a lie which denies the history of Islam is not the way to preserve Israel.

The above is from the website Political Islam: Jews.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mark Cahill: Lukewarm no more!

I will get back to the lessons on Islam, but I wanted to share this excellent video.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Islam: Jihad

Jihad was Mohammed's greatest invention. It made him successful. Jihad is a misunderstood word. Most jihad is done with money and persuasion, not violence. It is jihad that fills Washington, DC with money to buy influence. It is jihad that causes our textbooks in our schools to never mention anything negative about Islam.

Jihad is surely one of the more famous Arabic words. Jihad does not mean 'holy war,' although it includes holy war. Jihad actually means 'struggle,' which is a much better way to see it, because jihad includes much more than war with violence. Jihad can be done with the sword, the mouth, the pen and with money. The Koran calls jihad 'fighting in Allah's cause.'

The Koran lays out the vision of jihad. The Sira (Mohammed's biography) lays out the grand strategy of jihad. The hadith (the Traditions) give us the tactics---all the small details about what needs to be done. And of course, all of these things are modeled after Mohammed, because Mohammed is not only the perfect Muslim, but also the perfect jihadist. You can see how important jihad is when you read Mohammed's biography, the Sira. Jihad takes up about three-quarters of the Sira. There was only a nine-year period in which he pursued intense jihad, but the number of pages that are devoted to it gives you an idea of how important it was. The importance is this: Mohammed---the man, the preacher, the religious man---did not succeed until he turned to jihad. It's only natural that Muslims would look to jihad as their most successful strategy, and therefore record the most about it.

Now let's take care of one issue. Muslims frequently say, "Well, the real jihad is inner struggle, the spiritual struggle." That is the Greater Jihad. The jihad of the sword and war is the Lesser Jihad. The hadith tells us about the Greater Jihad---the inner spiritual struggle; however, only 3% of the hadith is devoted to this kind of struggle. The other 97% is about killing the kafir. Is jihad the inner struggle? Yes. Is jihad killing the kafir? Yes. Notice, again, we have a duality.

There are two ways to view jihad. A Muslim may choose whichever he needs for the moment. Let's look at an example that everyone remembers. On September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked by Muslims in an act of jihad. It was said by Muslims that that the jihadists had hijacked their religion. But let's look and see, because when you understand jihad the way it is taught in the Koran, the Sira, and the hadith, you will discover that everything about 9/11 was by the book.

This was not the first time the World Trade Center had been attacked by jihadists. In 1993, an attempt was made to bring down the Twin Towers with a massive bomb placed in the basement. That didn't work, but it didn't matter in the end, because the second time it did work. The second time was practiced over and over. When it all came down on September 11, they had been through it many times. This is modeled after the example of Mohammed.

When Mohammed turned to jihad, the first time he sent his men out to kill and rob, they failed. They didn't find anyone to rob. The second try was also a failure, as was the third and several subsequent attempts. But when they went out for the eighth time, they were successful. 9/11 is just like Mohammed's jihad.

Another way it was like jihad was that Muslims, after 9/11, said, "Oh, We're the real victims. Muslims were the ones who were really hurt." Again, this is precisely the way Mohammed did it. When his eighth attack was successful, he was accused by the Arabs of violating all the rules of war, because he attacked during the holy month of Ramadan. The Koran replied to this and said that what the Meccans---the kafirs---had done to Mohammed was far more serious than being killed. It was true that the Meccan Arabs had run Mohammed out of the city, but they didn't harm anyone. When the Muslims killed the kafirs they said, "We're the real victims here, not the dead kafirs."

Another way in which 9/11 was modeled after Mohammed is this: Muslims claimed, "Oh, we are the religion of peace." The veil of the religion of Islam was used to hide the political act of jihad. This has been done before, as well. Mohammed always covered his political actions with a religious necessity.

The World Trade Center was chosen as a target for two reasons. The first reason is, it was a trade center---a business center. It was the hope of Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden that destroying the World Trade Center would paralyze the American economy. Because, you see, jihad, wherever possible, is an economic attack. Mohammed's attacks on the caravans were to gain wealth for himself, and to remove wealth from the kafirs.

When he attacked towns, he destroyed the farms outside the town. Like 9/11, this was a form of economic warfare, and 9/11 was an economic attack. Now, the second reason that the World Trade Center was attacked, was that Zawaheri, seemingly the key planner, was told that there were a lot of Jews there. This, again, was just like Mohammed, because Mohammed persecuted Jews of Medina, Khaybar and Ladak.

Another way that 9/11 was modeled after Mohammed's actions is this: the men who did it were immigrants to this country. Mohammed did not take up jihad until he was an immigrant. When he moved to Medina, he called that his "immigration." How important is this immigration? Well, "Islamic Time" starts when he entered Medina and became a politician and warrior. That's the reason why all Islamic calendars start with that time and not with the time of Mohammed's first revelation, which might seem to be the 'Time Zero' for Islam. Rather, 'Time Zero' was chosen because of immigration, the beginning of Mohammed's political success.

As a sneak attack, 9/11 also followed Mohammed's method. He used sneak attacks whenever possible. So, on 9/11, when we woke up to terror and fire, it was just as though Mohammed had ordered it. Now this may seem trivial. But those who were attacked were kafirs, and jihad is always against the kafir, according to Mohammed.
The attack on the World Trade Center violated the rules of war, another of Mohammed's tactics. One of the reasons that Mohammed always beat the Arabs was because they kept expecting him to play by the rules. After all, before Mohammed, there were established rules of war. But when Mohammed developed jihad, he threw out all the rules. Brother would kill brother, father would kill son, and tribe member would go to war against tribe member. This violated all the rules of Arabian war, but Mohammed knew how to win, and that was: to violate the rules.

Another way that September 11 was very 'Mohammedan' was, there was no shame or remorse inside of the Islamic community. The most popular book in the Arab world, written after 9/11, was by a man who had shared a jail cell with Zawaheri. And his criticism of Zawaheri was not that what they had done was immoral. No---what was wrong was, it woke the sleeping tiger, America. Many Muslims expressed no remorse over 3000 dead kafirs, because at no time in Mohammed's life did he ever express the slightest remorse over the death of a kafir. Indeed, we have records in which he laughed and cheered when kafirs died.

Here's an interesting thing about the attack on the World Trade Center: two days after it happened, the telephones begin to ring in churches all across America, and when the church member picked up the phone, the other person said "I'm a Muslim, and we would like to come to your church and give a seminar on Islam, the peaceful religion."

Now, this was a great deception, and it was done with amazing speed and power. Think about it. Do you know of any other group---Democrat, Republican, military---anything in the world---that could, with only 48 hours notice, launch a uniform public relations attack across an entire nation?

Islam's political nature, not its religious nature, is all that is important to us. September 11 was a political attack---with religious motivation, yes---but its essence was political.

Another clue that September 11 was modeled after Mohammed is that we were called to Islam before the attack. That was Mohammed's way, as well. Osama bin Laden issued a videotape in which he condemned America, and then called America to Islam. If America had come to Islam---I guess in this case, if George Bush had decided to become a Muslim---there would not have been an attack. But the call to Islam was issued first. This was patterned after Mohammed's perfect jihad.

September 11 was a defensive attack. All jihad is defensive, because the kafir creates the first offense by denying Mohammed. So the kafir has already offended Allah. Therefore, what follows the offense, is a defensive attack. If it were not for the kafir, there would be no jihad.

And this brings us to something else that we need to know: according to Islamic doctrine, jihad is eternal, and is incumbent upon all Muslims. Jihad is not to cease until the last kafir has submitted. As long as there are kafirs, there will be jihad.

Soon after 9/11, Islam started attacking the kafirs by calling them Crusaders. Now the Crusades are portrayed as evil by Islam. But why did the Crusaders go to an Arabian, Muslim Middle East? They went to help the Christians who cried out for help. That's how it all started. It wasn't a band of Europeans who saddled up their horses and went over just to kill Muslims. They went there in response to a plea for help, because the suffering of the Christians in the Middle East was too great to bear. We must remember how Islam spread to the Middle East. Islam came to the Middle East and conquered with a sword---a sword wielded by Umar, the second Caliph. There was great destruction. So indeed, the Crusades are one of the few times that kafirs turned to help other kafirs, who were being attacked through jihad.

Now, let's deal with something else. We have said that jihad is incumbent upon all Muslims. Yet, when you go to work, if there's a Muslim who works there, he doesn't come in with dynamite strapped to his chest and blow everybody up---but he can still participate in jihad. After 9/11, the FBI started following the money. And it was discovered that many Muslims across the United States were giving quite generously to what they called charities, and when the money was given, it was understood that it was to support jihad. So when a Moslem writes a check to support jihad, he is a jihadist. When a Muslim says, "Oh, no, no, no, jihad, holy war, that is not our way. Our way is the religion of peace," that denial is an act of jihad.

The biggest jihad happening in America today is practiced by Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries. And they're not using the sword; they're using the dollar. The Saudis---Saudi Arabia---spend ten times as much money each year as the Soviet Union did to spread Communism. What the Saudis are spreading is Islam and Sharia. They pump enormous amounts of money into this country. Most mosques are built with Saudi money, and then staffed by an Imam chosen by the Saudis.

But what is more problematic is the money being spent to affect our politics. Washington, DC is awash in money from the Middle East, and this money is used to buy votes, influence people and launch political campaigns. If you're a Moslem and want to run for political office in this country, you will not have trouble with financing your campaign. Any Muslim who wants to do anything to advance Islam in this country has a blank check. Jihad can be waged with money, and the Saudis are using money extensively, just like Mohammed. Mohammed's dying words were these: "Neither Jew nor Christian shall be left in Arabia. Keep giving the money to influence the kafir ambassadors." And that's what the Saudis are doing: they are influencing the kafir ambassadors, and doing it very well.

Another place that Muslims use money to advance jihad is in our educational system. No textbook that teaches about Islam in our schools can be used, unless a Muslim committee approves it. As a consequence, the only Islam that is studied in our schools is the glorious religion, and a glorious political system. No mention is ever made of the killing of 270 million kafirs over 1400 years. There is no mention in these textbooks of the dhimmi, or semi-slave. We will spend more time studying the dhimmi later. According to our textbooks, Islam conquered without any suffering at all. No mention is ever made of how Islam has played the key role in slavery for 1400 years. This propaganda that glorifies Islam in our textbooks is jihad. But the educational jihad doesn't stop with textbooks. The Saudis have pumped a large amount of money into our universities' Middle East history departments, Arabic departments, and religion courses. These large amounts of money are to influence how history, religion and politics are taught. Large sums of money are also pumped into professorships supported by the Saudis. Studying Islam in our universities is done with a curriculum that is approved by the Saudis.

So, jihad by the dollar in our education system is far more dangerous than jihad by the sword. Another example of jihad is the fact that anyone in the media who makes a comment will be pressured and threatened with lawsuits. Muslims are using our own civil rights laws with great effect to intimidate, and make sure that no one ever says anything about Islam that Muslims don't like. Because, you see, freedom of speech is not Sunna, the way of Mohammed.

In the end, it is not the jihad of violence that is so important in our culture. What is important is, we do not have any understanding of what is happening. We don't understand that when money is used to influence our politicians, the media and schools, that is jihad. So it is not that Islam is so strong, but that we know so little, and that makes us so very, very weak.

Jihad is Islam's strongest political concept. It can be done with the sword, the pen, the mouth or with money. Mohammed's life furnishes Islam with a perfect example of both tactics and strategy for jihad. The attack on the World Trade Center is a textbook case of jihad, but the most powerful jihad is the Islamification of our civilization.

The above is from the website: Political Islam: Jihad

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Islam: The Basics

The most important fact about Islam is that it is a political ideology. The religion is of secondary importance. The religion is based upon the Five Pillars. The politics are based upon jihad, the sixth pillar. Islam divides all of the world into believers and kafirs (unbelievers). When you understand the idea of a 'kafir,' you will understand all of political Islam.

Almost everyone thinks of Islam as a religion, but as you're going to discover, religion is the least of Islam. Islam is an entire civilization. It's a culture, a legal system, a thought system, and an ethical system. Islam is all-encompassing.

First, let's explain some of the basics.

Everything in Islam depends upon Mohammed. Mohammed begins Islam and Mohammed ends Islam. Islamic doctrine is found in three texts: the Koran, the Sira (the life of Mohammed), and the Hadith (the traditions of Mohammed).

Scientific analysis has made these documents very readable, so we can easily understand Islamic civilization.

The religion of Islam is simple. It's based upon the five pillars. The first of these pillars is: there is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet. If you say that in Arabic in front of other Muslims, you have become a Muslim. It is the most central aspect of Islam, acknowledging the Koran and the Sunna (Mohammed's perfect example).

The next pillar is charity. The 'zakat' is a charity tax, but charity inside of Islam is quite different from what most of us think as charity. First of all, Muslim charity goes to Muslims; it does not go to kafirs (unbelievers).

There's another difference in Islamic charity. Money given to an Islamic charity can support Jihad. It can support the creation of Jihad, and it is also specifically for helping those whose family members have died in Jihad. So, Islamic charity is a little different from ours.

Another of the five pillars is prayer. Of course, Muslims are famous for their attitude towards prayer, which is done five times a day, and even in public places. After prayer, we have the 'Haj.' And that is the pilgrimage trip to Mecca. This is supposed to be done once in every Muslim's life, if he can afford it.

Another religious obligation is to fast every year in the month of Ramadan. Now, fasting for a Muslim means that you don't eat or drink when the sun is up, and you do not eat until the sun goes down. At night, you can eat and drink as much as you wish.

Those are the religious five pillars. Then there is a sixth pillar. The sixth pillar is jihad. The reason jihad is called a pillar of Islam is that, just like the other five, it is incumbent upon all Muslims, without exception. All Muslims are supposed to participate in Jihad. We will have an entire lesson on jihad later, but just because a Muslim is supposed to participate in jihad does not mean that he's actually involved in the jihad of the sword. Jihad can be done with the sword, with the mouth, with a pen and with money...but more about that later.

Jihad is both religious and political. Islam is primarily a political doctrine, not a religious doctrine. For instance, the Koran is more concerned with the unbeliever---the kafir---than it is the believer. It spends 61% of its time discussing the kafir; only 39% of the Koran is about Islam and the Muslim. The Koran spends so much time talking about the kafir that we should address that issue now.

The word 'kafir' is usually translated as 'unbeliever,' but that is not correct, since the word 'unbeliever' is a purely neutral word. For instance, you might be an unbeliever in the Big Bang Theory of the creation of the universe. That makes you an unbeliever about the Big Bang. That is simply a logical statement, it just says 'you don't believe.' If you don't believe the theory of the Big Bang, that does not mean that I can discriminate against you or hurt you. It's just an idea you don't agree with.

But not so in the Koran, with a kafir. The Koran goes into enormous detail about the unbeliever---the kafir. Allah despises the kafir. Allah plots against the kafir. The Koran says that the kafir can be crucified, tortured, kidnapped, abused, raped, stolen from, and punished. There are many, many references to the kafir in the Koran. Remember, 61% of it is devoted to the kafir.

Now let's deal with another fundamental of Islam. A Muslim is forbidden to enter into any religious aspect of life with a kafir. So all of this talk about the kafir is not religious. It is political. That is, Islam treats the kafir as being outside of Islam and has an extensive doctrine with how to deal with kafirs.

As an example of the political nature of being a kafir, there are many, many references in the Koran to Hell, and the kafir is in Hell; but the reason a kafir is in Hell is not because he did anything that was morally wrong, such as theft or murder, but simply because the kafir did not believe that Mohammed was the prophet of Allah. So Islamic Hell is a political prison for intellectual dissenters.

The other basic thing about Islam is that it does not have the Golden Rule. Indeed Islam denies the truth of the Golden Rule. In Islam there is no such thing as humanity. Instead, the world is always seen as being divided into the kafir and the believer. Humanity is not seen as one body.

Once you have that fundamental division, you no longer have the Golden Rule, because the Golden Rule is 'to treat others as you would be treated,' and that means all others. Islam does not work like that. Islam, instead, is based upon a different principle than the Golden Rule, and this is the essence of Islam. Islam is based upon submission and duality. Submission, because the word 'Islam' means 'submission,' and that all others must submit to Islam. Now, all others having to submit to Islam, is a political statement. The political aspect of submission is that the kafir must submit to the Muslim and Islam. If Islam demands the political submission of kafirs, then it cannot have the Golden Rule.

The other principle that Islam is based upon is duality. We will see this in great detail when we study the Koran, but we've already seen duality. There was the Mohammed of Mecca, and the Mohammed of Medina, and those two men are not the same. Duality and submission is what Islamic civilization is based upon.

Islam is the most successful political system on the face of the earth. For 1400 years Islam has slowly expanded. In only two cases in the whole history of Islam has it ever been driven back. Both of those occurred in Europe. One in Spain, and the other in Eastern Europe. Other than those two times, Islam keeps expanding. It expands on a daily basis. Indeed, as we will discover later, the power of political Islam increases every day in Europe and the United States.

We like to think that liberal democracy is the most powerful force on the face of the earth, but liberal democracy is only 200 years old, and is very difficult to implement, whereas political Islam is 1400 years old, and is quite easy to implement. And, once it is in place, it always stays in place. Once a nation becomes Islamic, the only thing that can change it, is force from the outside, as occurred in Spain, where the Moors were driven out of Spain. Otherwise, there has never been a case of a revolution inside of an Islamic country. By 'revolution' here, we mean one that eliminated Islam as the driving political force, not a change of rulers.

Political Islam is very effective. There have been over 270 million people killed by jihad over the last 1400 years. Islam has also been very successful in the business of slavery. For 1400 years, it has enslaved the kafir, and we will have an entire lesson on how Islam has enslaved the European, the African and the Asian. Political Islam is a phenomenally successful political ideology.

Now these lessons are going to be about Islam, not Muslims. That is, we're not going to be describing Muslims, but the doctrine of Islam, and what we're going to be describing is the doctrine of political Islam. The religion of Islam is of a concern only to one type of person. The religion of Islam is for those who wish to go to Islamic paradise, and those who wish to avoid Islamic Hell. Since this series is not directed towards Islamic Heaven or Hell, we will not discuss the religion, nor will we be discussing Muslims as a people. This is important, because it will keep this entire series on an intellectual basis.

We need to talk a little bit about 'kafir' culture or 'kafir' civilization. Twenty percent of the world is Islamic. The other 80% is made up of kafirs. We need to understand that kafir culture includes the Christian, the Jew, the Hindu, atheists and the Buddhist. It includes Chinese. It includes Australians. It includes Africans. It includes the animist---that is, those who believe that the world is a spirit affair. So, kafirs are everybody but Muslims. Now, here's what's important about that: kafirs need to understand that, so far as Islam is concerned, there is not the slightest bit of difference how a kafir is treated, whether he's an atheist, a Christian, a Jew, or a Hindu. It doesn't make any difference. For instance, Christians make a great deal of distinctions amongst themselves, and for that matter, so do Buddhists; but, from the outside, that is, from the viewpoint of Islam, all kafirs are the same. They deny Mohammed. They deny the Sunna of Mohammed; that is, the way of Mohammed; and all kafirs deny the truth of the Koran. Kafirs are all those who don't believe that Mohammed is the Prophet of Allah.

An infidel can only be a Jew or a Christian; therefore the term 'infidel' is a religious term. Another term used by Islam is 'polytheist'---many gods. This, too, is a religious term. 'Atheist' is a religious term. And one last term that Islam uses for the kafir is 'Peoples of the Book'---and this refers again to Christians and Jews. Those terms---pagan, infidel, polytheist, atheist and People of the Book---are religious words. And remember, this lesson series is not at all about the religion. That's the reason 'kafir' is the word to use, because an infidel is a kafir. A polytheist is a kafir; a pagan is a kafir; an atheist is a kafir; and the People of the Book are kafirs, as well. So, we will use the term 'kafir.'

We will be studying the deaths of 270 million kafirs over 1400 years in jihad. That's 60 million Christians, 80 million Hindus, 10 million Buddhists and 120 million Africans of varying religions. But now we have to recognize one more thing about the kafir, and that is this: almost all kafirs do not want to know about Islam. We will study in this series why kafirs never refer to the injury of Islam, and why kafir Christians don't know how Turkey and Egypt went from being Christian to Islamic. Why do Buddhists never talk about the fact that Islam has killed 10 million Buddhists? You can find some Hindus who are willing to discuss the destruction of 80 million Hindus, but they're rare. So, one of the things that we will study in this series is, why kafirs fear and dread Islam so much that kafirs refuse to study their own history. We will study why European kafirs never refer to the fact that a million Europeans were taken into slavery. Kafirs and Islam is what this entire series is about. It's all about the politics of Islam.

We will use the term 'ignorance' or 'to be ignorant' in these talks. For some people, the term 'ignorance' is a put-down or a slur, but the term ignorance means not knowing---to be empty of knowledge. It's like 'the glass is empty.' 'Empty' is not negative; it just means that you need knowledge.

Since Islam is a complete civilization, that is to say, since Islam contains everything that it needs within itself, it has no need of the kafir civilization. It annihilates the kafir's civilization. In every case, once Islam rises to political power in a country, the original civilization is annihilated. When you go to Egypt today, you do not see any sign of the original Coptic or Christian civilization that was in Egypt. It is gone. Everything about it has disappeared. Even the names that people use, the names for cities, all change. Islam is a complete civilization and therefore, when a country becomes fully Islamicized, there is no trace whatsoever of the original civilization, and that is one of the marks of Islamic politics.

If we are to save kafir civilization, kafirs must learn about their losses to Islam and why they happened.

The basics of Islam are the Five Pillars, jihad, submission, duality and kafir. Once you understand those words, you can understand how political Islam has annihilated civilizations for 1400 years.

The above is from the website Political Islam: The Basics

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The Witness

This is a book trailer for a fictional thriller by Josh McDowell.

The Witness by Josh McDowell from Gregory Tipton on Vimeo.