Monday, August 18, 2008

Kids Witnessing to Adults


thekingpin68 said...

They should witness to some LDS missionaries.

Jeff said...

That might be a challenge for kids.

It's not always easy to find a common ground for discussion with Mormons, because they believe in the historically-unsubstantiated fantasy book called the Book of Mormon, as well as one or two others that they study (the "Pearl of Great Price" is one they read, I think). Also, concerning the many other writings of their founder (Joseph Smith) and past Presidents (Brigham Young, etc.), they are never even told about, so they are unaware that those writings even exist. If they were allowed to read and study them, they would see many serious conflicts with what their church teaches them today. Just as with Jehovah's Witnesses, their church has flip-flopped concerning its doctrinal teachings, over and over again.

And with Jehovah's Witnesses, in my own experience, it really did not take much study to learn more than their missionaries knew, because they are basically taught only certain limited things (though they are thoroughly rehearsed on those certain things). And, when you point out to them the many prophecies that the Watchtower Society has made that have failed to come true, they use the excuse that anyone can make a mistake. They also say that those are not prophecies, but merely interpretations, which is not true, because they are pinning a specific date on it and saying that a specific future event will happen, and sometimes also saying where it will happen. That is plainly a prophecy.

thekingpin68 said...

Well said theologically, Jeff.

What do you think of Ronald McJoker?

Jeff said...

I have to start getting ready for work in a couple minutes, so I'll check out your posts later, assuming I still have electricity. Fay never became a hurricane, thankfully, but it will probably be raining hard here tonight. I've lost power 3 times in the past 2 weeks just from thunderstorms, so that is my main concern.