Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Greg Laurie and Nick Vujicic

The following is from Wikipedia:

Early life

The first-born child in his devout Serbian Christian family, Nick Vujicic was born in Melbourne, Australia with the rare Tetra-amelia disorder: limbless, missing both arms at shoulder level, and having one small foot with two toes protruding from his left thigh. Initially, his parents were devastated. Vujicic was otherwise healthy.

Growing up

His life was filled with difficulties and hardships. One was not being able to attend a mainstream school because of his physical disability, as the law of Australia required, even though he was not mentally impaired. During his schooling, the laws were changed, and Nick was one of the first disabled students to be migrated to a mainstream school. He learned to write using the two toes on his left "foot," and a special device that slid onto his big toe to grip. He also learned to use a computer and type using the "heel and toe" method (as demonstrated in his speeches). He can also throw tennis balls and answer the phone. He can also shave and get a glass of water (also demonstrated in speeches).


Being bullied at his school, Nick grew extremely depressed, and by the age of eight, started contemplating suicide. After begging God to grow arms and legs, Nick eventually began to realize that his accomplishments were inspirational to many, and began to thank God he was alive. A key turning point in his life was when his mother showed him a newspaper article about a man dealing with severe disability. This led him to realize he wasn't the only one with major struggles. When he was seventeen, he started to give talks at his prayer group, and eventually started his non-profit organization, Life Without Limbs.


Nick graduated from college at the age of 21 with a double major in Accounting and Financial Planning. He began his travels as a motivational speaker, focusing on the topics that today's teenagers face. He also speaks in the corporate sector, although his aim is to become an international inspirational speaker, in both Christian and non-Christian venues. He regularly travels internationally to speak to Christian congregations, schools, and corporate meetings. He has spoken to over two million people so far, in twelve countries on four continents (Africa, Asia, Australia, and North America).

By the age of 25, Nick hoped to become financially independent. He wishes to promote his words through television shows such as The Oprah Winfrey Show, as well as by writing books. His first book, planned for completion by the end of 2009, is to be called No Arms, No Legs, No Worries!

His motivational DVD, Life's Greater Purpose, is available on the Life Without Limbs website. Most of the DVD was filmed in 2005, featuring a brief documentary about his home life, and how he does regular things without limbs. The second part of the DVD was filmed at his local church in Brisbane, and was one of his first professional motivational speeches. His motivational speeches can be seen on the Premiere Speakers Bureau Website.

His secular DVD "No Arms, No Legs, No Worries" is available online through his corporate motivational speaking company "Attitude Is Altitude."

Nick's first worldwide television interview, featured on 20/20 (ABC) with Bob Cummings was aired on March 28, 2008.

Also see Nick Vujicic's website: Life Without Limbs


thekingpin68 said...

On a serious note:

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Nice photo on FB.


Greg said...

Yeah, this guys is totally amazing. We saw another video with him, and it's amazing what a great sense of humor he has about his condition. Our son still laughs about the time he was sitting at a traffic light, and shocked the people in the car next to him, by turning all the way around, IN HIS SEAT!

Jeff said...


On your previous Blogger post, I deleted comment with error and did another one, which has not been published yet. It may be in your Dashboard if it did not come to your email. It may be Blogger error.;(

I think I already checked and didn't see it, but I'll double-check.

Did you see Rick's failed brake story in s&t comments?

Not yet. I'll have to check it out.

Nice photo on FB.

Thanks. That's from when I was working with Texaco Latin America/West Africa in Coral Gables, FL, on the 9th floor. They had the coolest elevator. It was all see-through, and it was on the outside of the building, so you could see the city all around you as you went up (or down) the elevator.

Jeff said...


Yeah, he is an incredible inspiration, and like you said, his sense of humor makes it all the more amazing. When we go through tough times, we can look at somebody like him and realize we really don't have it that bad.

thekingpin68 said...

Good research on Queen/Obama on my blog, Jeff. I replied.


Jeff said...

Thanks, Russ.

I also found this on Time magazine's website, which is interesting:

"So where does this rule about not touching the Queen come from? The sovereigns of England and France at some point in their nations' long histories claimed a divine right to rule, a right often amplified by titles bestowed by the Pope in Rome. (The Queen, in fact, still has the title Defender of the Faith, an honor given to Henry VIII before he broke with the Catholic Church and established the Church of England.) That touch of holiness once gave the occupant of the throne the supposed ability to cure certain diseases — most famously, scrofula, a terrible skin ailment that was called "the king's evil." Thus, the miraculous contact had to be conserved. And so, whether a touch or a nod or a gaze, royal favor, like that of God, is not a subject's on demand; it is dispensed by kingly prerogative."