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Islam: more on understanding it

Muhammad divided the world into two houses: the house of Islam and the house of war. In Arabic, it's Dar Al-Islam and Dar Al-Harb, or the House of War. So, the entire non-Muslim world is called the House of War, and is in transition to become the House of Islam. Therefore, a faithful Muslim sees the world as two parts: Muslim, and Going-To-Be Muslim. Muslims see the world as being in transition.

The word "Islam" means "submission," and a faithful Muslim thinks there will be world peace when the whole world has submitted to the will of Allah. Now, some say that a "Moderate" Muslim thinks the world will submit to Allah in the distant future. So, since it's so far away, and it's not going to happen during our lifetime, those Muslims will (supposedly) think, "Since it's not going to happen now, let's just get along with everybody." However, a "violent" Muslim thinks that the world will submit to Allah now, so they want to help make it happen (by using terrorism, etc.).

Jihadist Muslims believe the whole world should submit to Islam, so, when they come to the U.S., they want to see Shari'a law being implemented. The goal of jihadists, whether they will admit it or not, is to Islamicize America. Strictly speaking, Islam has been on the march since its inception. In the Qur'an, and in the teachings of Muhammad, and in Islamic tradition, theology and law, there are mandates commanding Muslims to wage war against unbelievers. This is the reason there has been all these jihadi attacks against civilians only.

Experts say the method of radical jihad is used to implement an ultimate goal---Shari'a law. Jihadists fight in order to bring Shari'a to a land where it is not currently enforced. Shari'a (Islamic) law is considered by Muslims to be the law of Allah, just as much as Christians understand the Ten Commandments to be the law of God.

There have been more than 14,000 distinctly jihadi attacks since 9/11 around the world. This works out to 4.7 attacks, on average, per day.

Jihad is warfare against unbelievers in order to subjugate them under the rule of Islamic law, and institutionalize and impose upon them a system of discriminatory laws that make sure they do not enjoy equality of rights with Muslims, but rather are made to feel their renegade status as people who have rejected Muhammad's prophetic role, every day of their lives.

Defenders of Islam note that there are verses in the Qur'an calling for peace with unbelievers. But a key point to understand is that most sects of traditional Islam teach that those verses have been abrogated.

Ibn Ishaq (died 767 AD) was Muhammad's first biographer, an 8th century Muslim writer, who explained that the Qur'an actually has 3 stages of development in its teachings on jihad and unbelievers. The first stage is tolerance, which was the prevailing understanding of the relationship between Muslims and nonbelievers during the period when Muhammad was in Mecca, and the Muslims were merely a small band that did not have a whole lot of power, and were facing a much larger and more formidable enemy. Ibn Ishaq taught that it is a progression, so that the later stages cancel out the earlier, and 'offensive' jihad (in other words, not a spiritual struggle within yourself, but jihad against non-Muslims) is the Quran's word for all time that must be followed, whereas tolerance was only for a limited period. This is the unanimous teaching of the schools of jurisprudence and all the orthodox sects of Islam to this day---that offensive jihad is the highest level of jihad, and the one that is applicable for all time. The desire to bring the entire world into subjection under Allah is where the concept of jihad enters the picture.

Some have said that Osama bin Laden and terrorists and militants have hijacked Islam. However, those terrorists and militants were indeed Muslims. They were informed and motivated by their interpretation and belief of Islam. And to deny that is to deny the responsibility among the teachers of Islam today, which still teach jihad.

Some say Islam is not monolithic (i.e., a rigid, undivided whole). Within Islam, there are many different sects, but all of them are united by some central ideas. Interpretations of the Qur'an vary according to a number of factors. All Muslims have the Qur'an, but it's really the traditions that you bring to it that determine how you interpret it, and how you're going to understand what it's stating.

Islam is not primarily a theological system, but rather a legal system. To know who you are, to know what to do, to know how to eat, where to live, how to travel, you always go back to Islamic law. The heart of Islam is the Hadith. The Hadith is a collection of 600,000 sayings of Muhammad that developed over a 200-year period. Between 650-850, various scholars traveled around the Muslim world (North Africa, Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, etc.), talking to people, collecting stories about what they understood Muhammad had said and what Muhammad had done. They collected these stories into a book called the Hadith. These stories tell you how to live your life.

In a very real sense, the totality of Islamic life and beliefs could be summed up in the phrase, "What would Muhammad do?"

I understand that Muslims are encouraged, and even 'programmed,' to be a part of establishing the United States of Islam (Kingdom of Allah on earth). And what we call "terrorism," Muslims call struggle. That's how Muslims can say that Islam condemns terrorism. They consider them to be "freedom fighters," not terrorists.

Now, some say that only 10% of Muslims are "radical." If that is accurate (and remember that those "Radicals" are willing to die, and they want the USA gone/dead), and if it only took 19 "Radicals" to kill over 3000 people on Sept. 11, 2001, then how many ("Radical") Muslims do you think it will take to wipe out the USA, which is composed of 350 million people? Estimates say there are as many as 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. If the very conservative estimate is correct that only 10% are "Radical," then that is 150 million "Radical," "terrorist" Muslims in the world. That's the size of the eighth most populated in the world, just ahead of Japan, Russia and Nigeria. Bangladesh has 150 million people. Facebook has 150 million people.

We consider Saudi Arabia to be our friends, and to be "moderate" Muslims. Yet, in Saudi Arabia, every week, people are beheaded and every week, people have their hands cut off. So how can we consider this "moderate?"

Islam has more than 80 sects, and numerous denominations.
You can read more about the various branches of Islam here:

BTW, the only answer to Islam and what's happening around the world is the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no other solution. The more Muslims that come to Christ, the less Muslims there are for the terrorists to recruit.

Also, as much as we hear about the progress of radical Islam on the march, there is another story to be told: Muslims coming to faith in Jesus Christ. This is happening in the millions.


satire and theology said...

'You look fine for 50, the problem could be you have been using younger photos most of the time. Yes, that is exactly the problem. Previously, I did not have recent photos. Thanks, Russ.'

Well, when you click to read an article with the post's URL I am headless with comments where I have commented.

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I would have a closer look at the bottom of Rick B's most recent post.

thekingpin68 said...

'Jihadist Muslims believe the whole world should submit to Islam, so, when they come to the U.S., they want to see Shari'a law being implemented. The goal of jihadists, whether they will admit it or not, is to Islamicize America.'


satire and theology said...

'We consider Saudi Arabia to be our friends, and to be "moderate" Muslims. Yet, in Saudi Arabia, every week, people are beheaded and every week, people have their hands cut off. So how can we consider this "moderate?"'

A point to consider.

Jeff said...

satire and theology,

Well, when you click to read an article with the post's URL I am headless with comments where I have commented.



I would have a closer look at the bottom of Rick B's most recent post.

Yes, I have e-mailed him about that. Thanks, Russ.

Jeff said...

True History of Islam, Muhammad and the Qur'an

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Was Muhammad a Prophet?

Jeff said...

Mistakes Christians Make When Witnessing To Muslims

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"Much of the story about the life and teachings of Muhammad comes from a book called the Hadith. Contained within this book are sayings, deeds, teachings and rulings alleged to come from Muhammad. However, the book was compiled two hundred years after Muhammad's death. Think about the accuracy of a book you might write about a character who died in 1806 when the source for that book is information handed down orally over the past 200 years. That is precisely the situation with the writers of the Hadith. The writers had never even met Muhammad, nor did they know anyone who had met him! In contrast, the divinely inspired New Testament was mostly written within 40 years of Jesus' death and fully completed within 70, the last book being written by one of Jesus' closest associates - the apostle John."

From: Reason For Hope

Jeff said...

Muhammad and Aisha Revisited:
An Examination of Muhammad’s Marriage to a Prepubescent Girl And Its Moral Implications

Jeff said...

Muhammad was a sinner:

40:55 Then have patience (O Muhammad). Lo! the promise of Allah is true. And ask forgiveness of thy sin [dh-n-b] and hymn the praise of thy Lord at fall of night and in the early hours. (Pickthall)

The Arabic word dhanaba (verb form) come from the root dh-n-b and is defined below in this section. This verse is unambiguous. Muhammad has sin.

47:19 So know (O Muhammad . . .) that . . . none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and ask forgiveness for your sin, [dh-n-b] and also for (the sin of) believing men and believing women. And Allah knows well your moving about, and your place of rest (in your homes). (Hilali and Khan)

Jesus was not a sinner and had no sin:

"Can any of you prove me guilty of sin? If I am telling the truth, why don't you believe me?" (John 8:46)

"He committed no sin, and no deceit was found in his mouth." (1 Peter 2:22)

Jesus can also take away sins:

"But you know that he appeared so that he might take away our sins. And in him is no sin." (1 John 3:5)

Muhammad's last words:

"May Allah curse the Jews and Christians for they built the places of worship at the graves of the prophets." Bukhari, Vol. 1, #427

Jesus' last words:

"Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." Luke 23:34

According to Muslim tradition, the Prophet of Islam is the best example to follow but, despite the fact that he fought many battles for Allah and prayed fervently for the forgiveness of his sins, he had no assurance of Allah’s favour or of a home in Paradise.

In Sura 46:9 Muhammad was told to inform people that he did not know what his destiny or that of anybody else would be. He was commanded to ask for the forgiveness of his sins and the sins of his followers (Sura 47:19; 40:55). Accordingly, Muhammad used to pray for forgiveness more than seventy times a day (Bukhari, vol.8, Hadith 319) and he did so, even on his death bed (Bukhari vol.5, Hadith 715). In spite of such intense and frequent prayers, still he had no assurance of salvation even for himself or his close relatives (Muslim vol.1, Hadith 398-402).

Jesus said in John 5:24 "Most assuredly, I say to you, he who hears My word and believes in Him who sent Me has everlasting life, and shall not come into judgment, but has passed from death into life."

This is in stark contrast to the legacy of Jesus the Messiah. John 3:16 makes it plain that God “so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”. The follower of the Lord Jesus Christ is assured of salvation with God whereas the follower of Muhammad can never have such assurance.

Every true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, on the other hand, has a 100% guarantee of salvation before a holy God. The testimony of Ephesians 1:7 is that “In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace”.

Jeff said...

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Jeff said...

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satire and theology said...

Thanks, Jeff. I added a bit to your comments posted via mine. BTW, may your Christmas season be a blessing.

Jeff said...

Thanks, Russ. May you have a wonderful, joyous Christmas as well.

Jeff said...

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Jeff said...

— 14 passages in the Qur'an refer to apostasy

— According to Baidhawi’s commentary, Sura 4: 88-89 reads: “Whosoever turns back from his belief, openly or secretly, take him and kill him wheresoever ye find him, like any other infidel. Separate yourself from him altogether. Do not accept intercession in his regard.”

— The Hadith, tradition and legend about Muhammad and his followers used as a basis of Sharia, tells of some atheists who were brought to “’Ali and he burnt them. The news of this reached Ibn Abbas who said: ‘If I had been in his place, I would not have burnt them, as Allah’s Apostate forbade it . . . I would have killed them according to the statement of Allah’s Apostate, ‘Whoever changed his [Islamic] religion, then kill him’.”

— According to the Hadith, a special reward in Paradise is reserved for the killer of apostates

Jeff said...

*Anti-CAIR* Defending America from the Council on American-Islamic Relations

Jeff said...

AP sources: Al-Qaida link in failed plane attack
By LARRY MARGASAK and LARA JAKES and JIM IRWIN Associated Press Writers The Associated Press
Friday, December 25, 2009 6:39 PM EST

DETROIT (AP) — A Northwest Airlines passenger from Nigeria, who said he was acting on al-Qaida's instructions, set off an explosive device Friday in a failed terrorist attack on the plane as it was landing in Detroit, federal officials said.

Flight 253 with 278 passengers aboard was 20 minutes from the airport when it sounded like a firecracker had exploded, witnesses said. One passenger jumped over others and tried to subdue the man. Shortly afterward, the suspect was taken to a front row seat with his pants cut off and his legs burned.

The White House said it believed it was an attempted act of terrorism and stricter security measures were quickly imposed on airline travel, but were not specified.

Law enforcement officials identified the suspect as Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab. Others had slightly different spellings.

One law enforcement source said the man claimed to have been instructed by al-Qaida to detonate the plane over U.S. soil.

"It sounded like a firecracker in a pillowcase," said Peter Smith, a passenger from the Netherlands. "First there was a pop, and then (there) was smoke."

At least one passenger acted heroically.

Smith said the passenger, sitting opposite the man, climbed over passengers, went across the aisle and tried to restrain the man. The heroic passenger appeared to have been burned.

The incident was reminiscent of convicted shoe bomber Richard Reid, who tried to destroy a trans-Atlantic flight in 2001 with explosives hidden in his shoes, but was subdued by other passengers. Reid is serving a life sentence.

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., ranking GOP member of the House Homeland Security Committee, said the flight began in Nigeria and went through Amsterdam en route to Detroit.

A statement Delta, which acquired Northwest, said, "Upon approach to Detroit, a passenger caused a disturbance onboard Northwest Airlines Flight 253. The passenger was subdued immediately and the crew requested that law enforcement meet the flight upon arrival.

"The flight, operated by Northwest using an Airbus 330-300 aircraft with 278 passengers onboard, landed safely. The passenger was taken into custody and questioned by law enforcement authorities."

Faruq Daijalmasahon said...

The Truth About Muhammed