Sunday, January 3, 2010

Muslim Brotherhood 'Conspiracy' to Subvert America


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From Fwd: Defeating Jihadi Terrorism

The email you sent:

'Common sense suggests that citizens have the right to identify people trying to ferment violence, spread hatred and terror in our country. With unlimited petro dollars, Jihadi terrorists are gathered up to oppress us, terrorize us, scare us, and impose the tyranny of Islam on us.

The time has come for the public to take appropriate action. Jihadis are trying to instill fear in us. If we stand up and stand united, we will become more powerful, and the Jihadis cannot put us in psychological trauma. We can fight back with determination. A strong determined assault on Islamists will preclude them from undermining our sense of security and disrupting our everyday life.'

Makes sense. Ending Muslim immigration would be a start...and yes I realize most are not radical.

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Ending Muslim immigration would be a start...and yes I realize most are not radical.

Agreed. Though it seems unlikely to happen.

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What is a change agent and why do some Calvinist church pastors ask them to enter their churches? Check it out at

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Counterterrorism Blog

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Summary of Special Panel on Holy Land's Ties to Hamas & Muslim Brotherhood

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The Muslim Brotherhood was founded by Hasan al-Banna with the objective of creating a global Islamic empire. The group spawned terror organizations such as Hamas and al-Qaeda and has links to advocacy groups in America, including CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) and MSA (the Muslim Students Association).

Their primary objective is not violent jihad; it's information warfare.

It's influence operation, to walk into an office wearing a very nice suit and an incredibly warm demeanor and nuzzling up to the leadership in the FBI and DHS (Department of Homeland Security). It's a targeted information campaign that uses propaganda. Tactics include minimizing events such as Fort Hood and softening the response by the U.S. government (and the media). Since Jan. 2009, under the Obama administration, there has been a significant increase of actual attacks against the U.S., though, thankfully, many of them have been thwarted. The enemy is concluding that we are being weak in our activities overseas, which has caused a spike in their activities against us. One problem is that you can't defeat an enemy that you can't identify (for example, how do you fight "terror?").

In the so-called "war on terror," the only ones the U.S. government reaches out to are members of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose stated objective is to wage a civilization jihad against the U.S. in order to destroy America from within. In the "war on terror," they are the only people we look to for the answers, and many of them are Hamas. That creates a situation where, at the leadership level, our enemy is advising us how to prosecute this war, which creates a situation that is absurd. That would be like us depending on the Nazis to advise us how to fight WWII. As long as the FBI and DHS (Department of Homeland Security) are looking to the Muslim Brotherhood to explain things to us, and allowing them to be in on our strategies and training techniques, the majority of people in the FBI and DHS will never get to the truth, except for the few who may exercise the initiative to do their own self-study research on their own time.

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The Islamic Infiltration, Part 1

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Debunking Anti-Anti-Islamist Myths