Tuesday, August 14, 2007

If Evolution Is True...

If atheistic evolution is true, then human life has no value. If life happened accidentally, then society has no value, since life and society are merely results of an accident. If we are no more than chemicals that accidentally came together, then what would it matter if I were to kill or rape someone? Evolutionists say that morals are for the protection of society, but what does society matter if its all just an accident and we're all just chemicals? What do our actions matter in that case? If your son or daughter or mother or father dies, who cares? Why get emotional about a bunch of chemicals? Why, then, should I care about anyone else, if we're only chemicals that accidentally evolved? Who cares if the human race continues to exist or not, if all we are is an accident? If all this is an accident, then don't give me any nonsense about the 'good of society' or moral laws, because they then become meaningless. Our actions become meaningless. Life itself becomes meaningless. Existence becomes meaningless.

Praise God that we are not an accident, but were created by an all-powerful, all-knowing, holy and perfect God. Because we are not an accident, and because we were created in the image of God, and because we were created to glorify and serve our Creator, then life does have meaning, and we do have purpose! Human life then becomes precious, because if we are created in the image of God, human life then has value...and our actions toward God and toward one another do matter. If other people were created in the image of God, then we must respect and love others. If God created all of us, then He is our rightful owner, and we must obey and serve Him.

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mw said...

If atheistic evolution is true, then human life has no value.

Absolute nonsense. I know Darwinian evolution is true, and I put the highest value on human life.

Jeff said...

Thank you, mw, for visiting my blog site and posting a comment. When I said "if atheistic evolution is true, then human life has no value," I mean that the system of atheistic evolution, when followed to its logical conclusion, leads to meaninglessness. The fact that you yourself have made the choice to "put the highest value on human life" does not change that. I am talking about the system/teaching/theory, not your own choices or emotions or feelings.

mw said...

Not true. You are disguising a tautology as a logical argument. Something like -

Evolution logically leads to meaninglessness and human life having no value because all meaning and human values come from god,and evolution removes god as an actor in the development of human life and therefore there is no meaning or value. QED.
- or-
All meaning comes from god, therefore, if I don't see god there is no meaning.

- Like I said - Nonsense.

Your logical fallacy is rooted in the unstated assumption that all meaning and value comes from god. You choose to believe that. That's fine, that is an act of faith not logic. Faith is - by definition - irrational. It is your choice/emotion/feeling.

Start with any faith based assumption (all value and meaning comes from god), build any logical construct you want around that assumption, and you have to wind up with the same astonishing conclusion - all meaning and value comes from god. As I said - A tautology.

Start from the assumption that meaning and human value exist outside of god, then try to arrive logically at the same conclusion. It only "leads to meaninglessness", if you are incapable of finding meaning outside of your specific beliefs.

I am not criticizing your beliefs. I am just saying that your specific beliefs are a useless foundation for a logical argument of this nature.

Jeff said...


OK, so what is your purpose in life? Why do you exist?

mw said...

That is between me and my god.