Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Larry Norman tribute

This is a tribute to Larry Norman, who died 2/24/08 at 60 years of age. He was considered the 'Father of Christian Rock.' He officially retired in 2001, the same year he was inducted into the Gospel Music Association's Hall of Fame along with Elvis Presley and Keith Green. His first two solo albums, "Upon This Rock" (originally released on Capitol in 1969) and "Only Visiting This Planet" (issued by Verve in 1972), are widely considered the first Christian rock albums of any real significance. At the age of nine, Larry began writing and performing original rock and roll songs at school, experimenting and incorporating a spiritual message into his music. In 1959 he performed on Ted Mack's syndicated television show, "The Original Amateur Hour," on CBS. Upon moving to San Jose, California, he began recording for Capitol Records with his band "People!" in 1966 and for the next 2 years performed concerts supporting The Doors, The Who, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix, among others. "People!" scored a Billboard Chart hit in 1968 with a cover of The Zombies' song "I Love You."

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