Thursday, October 2, 2008

Joseph Smith


thekingpin68 said...


I have watched the first clip so far. It is interesting as it notes some of the historical connections between Smith, the LDS, Masonic Lodge, and the Occult.

My Dad was a Master Mason.


Jeff said...

My Dad was a Master Mason.


I have read about the Masons a little, but have not studied them extensively.

Jeff said...

In my research on Joseph Smith, before creating the Mormon religion, he was not only a habitual treasure hunter (who used things like divining rods, etc.), but he was also a very skilled con artist and storyteller. He would come up with the most fantastic and wild stories. He apparently had an incredible imagination. It seems that he may have even convinced himself of (at least some of) his own made-up stories. In any case, he could tell them very convincingly.

satire and theology said...

I think Rick showed the second video previously...well done.

Jeff said...

Thanks, Russ.

I'm going to have to start visiting Rick's site. I've only stopped by a couple times. I'm sure he must have some excellent researched material on the LDS church.