Thursday, December 11, 2008

My ideal church

I just left a comment on the blog site "Redeeming the Time." I'm posting the same comment here as well, because it reflects a brief, summarized view of what I believe an ideal church would be like. Following is the comment that I posted over at "Redeeming the Time:"

Many churches in America seem to have an introverted, withdrawn perspective, where their focus and outlook is limited to the boundaries of their own four walls. More churches should become acutely involved in world missions, including sponsoring full-time missionaries, indigenous missionaries and short-term missions trips. Furthermore, too few churches reach out in regular, active service to their community (giving out food, visiting hospitals and nursing homes, fixing things for people who cannot afford to pay to have them fixed, doing yard work or house work for specific needy individuals in the community for free, etc.). And, most scarce of all I think, is the fact that very, very few churches walk the streets of their neighborhood and spread the gospel. If more churches would go door-to door in their neighborhood, hand out gospel tracts in malls or movie theaters or sporting events or Fairs or Carnivals, and/or have members go out and do some open-air preaching on the streets, then more people would get saved, the churches would grow more, and the church would have a greater positive effect on the community. And, though I feel like I'm almost getting too idealistic and less realistic here, I believe that a church should not just give out gospel tracts, but also have some sort of discipleship program for those new believers that the members have led to Christ. Such a thing, I fear, is pretty much non-existent in almost all churches, at least here in the U.S.


thekingpin68 said...

I will email you on this.


Matt said...

Hi Jeff,

You left a comment on my blog, about why we use the term "stakes" in the LDS Church to denote geographic areas where Church members live. The term comes from the prophet Isaiah who likened the Latter-Day Church of God to a tent, supported by multiple stakes which secure it to the ground. Isaiah wrote, "Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes" (Isa. 54:2) So in other words, the more stakes there are, the stronger the Church is.

The term is comparable to the Catholic Church's use of the word diocese. Stakes in the LDS Church typically have 5-10 congregations called wards and 3-5 thousand members.

I hope that answers any questions you had.

Jeff said...


Thank you, and that does indeed answer my question! I appreciate your dropping by and commenting.

Farrah said...

I think most churches are in a very sad state today, and I absolutely agree there should be way more reaching out and missions.

Jeff said...

Thanks, Farrah.

Yeah, churches are very me-centered today, at least in the U.S. I think this is a reflection of our society. There is also a lot of false doctrine being taught, especially from televangelists.

Deejay said...

I agree with you mostly about this. It's a good job our Sovereign Lord is in control and our inadequate attempts can never thrwart His plan of redemption.

Jeff said...


I agree with you mostly about this. It's a good job our Sovereign Lord is in control and our inadequate attempts can never thrwart His plan of redemption.