Wednesday, January 16, 2008

As if they were suddenly created...

"Many new groups of plants and animals suddenly appear, apparently without any close ancestors. Most major groups of organisms--phyla, subphyla and even classes--have appeared in this way. This aspect of the record is real, not merely the result of faulty or biased collecting. A satisfactory explanation of evolution must take it into consideration and provide an explanation...The fossil record, which has produced the problem, is not much help in its solution." [The Evolution of Life by Everett C. Olson. The New American Library, New York and Toronto. 1965. p. 94.]


Greg said...

I saw "cambrian explosion" in your tags, so I thought I'd check it out. Farrah and I have quite a bit of ID material. Very fascinating stuff. I don't know how you personally feel about Creation, but it frustrates me how heated this debate has gotten. Each side accuses the other of being biased and totally wrong. The evolutionists scoff at and ridicule the creationists, while the creationists will not accept anything that even slightly deviates from the literal Genesis account.

Jeff said...


Last night on TV I was watching what was apparently a reenacted court case where [I think it was someone playing the part of] Michael Behe was defending 'Intelligent Design,' and others were coming against him to refute his book, "Darwin's Black Box" (which I am currently reading, along with a bunch of other books).

One person claimed that there is actually evidence that proves Evolution, but it hasn't been published in the textbooks because the Creationists have prevented it from being published. That is such an outright, blatant lie! In fact, as the movie "Expelled!" points out, just the opposite is true!

Someone also tried to refute Behe's idea of "irreducible complexity" by talking about one example that Behe points out in his book, which is the flagellum. They showed a diagram of another microscopic organism that looked almost just like the flagellum, but instead of a tail that spins to provide locomotion, it had a straight "tail" that would inject poison. They claimed that, since that organism only had some of the parts that the bacterial flagellum had, that Behe was wrong, because it still worked...and therefore the idea of "irreducible complexity" was wrong. However, what he really accomplished to me was to prove Behe's point!! His point was that the other organism still worked. However, the other organism could not propel itself like the bacterial flagellum could, and that was Behe's whole point! Yes, it could do something else, but it could not propel itself, which was the exact point that Behe was making.

They also tried to refute Behe's example of the mousetrap being irreducibly complex. The guy said, 'here I have a mousetrap, and I have taken away three of its parts. It won't catch mice, but it still works!' At that point, he pulled up the spring-operated bar and let it snap back to the board base. Well, if it won't catch mice, then it is not working! What is the purpose of a mousetrap? To catch mice! Duh! So again, in saying that, he was actually proving Behe's point!

The final point that really narrowed down the entire thing was when they pulled up a documented definition of "Intelligent Design" and compared that to a documented definition of "Creationism." As if they had discovered some horrible, shocking secret, they exclaimed, "They are basically the same definition!" They then said that their entire court case was mainly centered around the idea that 'Intelligent Design' was merely 'Creationism' in disguise. They pulled up some old Supreme Court documented decision where 'Creationism' had been outlawed in some school, and that's what they based their case on. To me, this only shows that what it all boils down to is that they are at war with God. They don't want to be accountable to a Higher Being. They want to be free to do as they please, with no ultimate consequences. That is the root of it all. But guess what? Like an ostrich trying to escape danger by burying its head in the sand, their denial of God is fruitless, because they will one day stand before God, and if they have not had their sins washed away by the precious blood of the Lamb, God will tell them the most horrible words anyone will ever hear: "Depart from Me. I never knew you."