Saturday, January 5, 2008

Doubting God's existence

In College, I took a World Religions class, and I was required to read a book by Freud that 'proved' that God does not exist. Wow, did he put forth an incredibly powerful argument! The best argument for the non-existence of God that I've ever heard! After I read it, for the very first time in my life, I seriously doubted the existence of God. But, after looking back on my life, and all the incredible miracles that have happened in my life, as well as the incredible miracles that have happened in the lives of family members and friends, plus all the things that were just too numerous and too incredible to be coincidences, I once again had full confidence that not only does God exist, but He (the Holy Spirit) dwells within me! The funny thing is, from the second I finished the book and began doubting God's existence, to the moment I regained full confidence in His existence, was a period of maybe 3 to 5 minutes! LOL! That's how long the best argument I've ever heard for Atheism made me doubt God's existence!

(Jeff Jenkins)

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