Tuesday, June 10, 2008


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satire and theology said...

Sadly we humans self-medicate ourselves in many areas in life and this is often wrong.

satire and theology said...

Sexual sin has been a life long serious struggle, although I have not been a porn addict or I have taken advantage of professional services, or had a girlfriend to basically use for a time, as many do with a partner in our society; let us face the harsh reality.

Sexual sin and frustration ties into the problem of evil as I have a natural desire for sexual love with a woman which God is not meeting. But, God's greater purposes take precedence and sexual sin of any kind is never right or fulfilling. As my pastor stated at church on Sunday, sex can simply be a way of self-medicating one self from the problems and pain of life. Sadly we humans self-medicate ourselves in many areas in life and this is often wrong.

Jeff, if you have any s&t ideas please fire away by email.

Jeff said...

Yeah, sex can become an addiction just like anything. Sex was created by God for pro-creation as well as enjoyment between a husband and wife, but it, like anything else, can be abused and misused. Since many should agree that sex is probably, in general, the greatest pleasure on Earth, second only to joy and peace from the Holy Spirit, then one can see how a person could get hooked on it. And, though God created man to be attracted to woman visually, He did so to insure that people would want to get married---He didn't do so in order that men would lust after every attractive female he saw. However, this is truly "every man's battle." The sex desire is a very strong desire. Used correctly (within the confines of marriage), it can be a source of intimate enjoyment, and can bring a husband and wife closer together. Used wrongly, it can cause all sorts of damage, hurt, heartache, disease, and many other things.

thekingpin68 said...

I always appreciate comments my friend! In the email I was meaning removing my first cancelled comment above, if you so wish of course.


Jeff said...

Thanks, Russ---and it is now deleted.

Jeff said...

And I very much appreciate your comments as well!