Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The worst is yet to come under President Barack Obama

As a result of the recent election, you may notice that I have been focusing more on political articles, rather than theological articles. The below article is one that was e-mailed to me.

Posted by Vincent Gioia
November - 11 - 2008

"Until now most attention to a Barack Obama presidency has focused, rightfully, on the likely socialist policies to be enacted during the next four years. Opponents have unsuccessfully tried to inform Americans about changes in the tax law to “spread the wealth” from the so-called “wealthy” to lower income voters. Though under the current “progressive” tax system this already occurs; President Obama will enshrine and expand the tax policy toward the Marxist ideal.

Other government policy and laws that will diminish our rights and increase government control have also been discussed by many but have fallen on deaf ears as the public focused more on rhetoric and style rather than substance. A loss of the sacred secret ballot for workers to the benefit of unions seems not to impress workers enough to affect their vote. The potential loss of private health care and the likelihood that government bureaucrats will make health care decisions did not diminish voter support for Obama. Even the appointment of liberal judges willing to ignore the constitution like Ginsberg, Breyer, Souter and Stevens did not bother voters captivated by Obama.

All of the above is sufficient to accept a non conservative of questionable judgment in place of the radical community organizer.

However not as well known are some very serious matters that will change our country forever. Under our constitution treaties take precedence over all federal and state laws and some treaties previously barred by Republican presidents will likely find smooth sailing under a Democrat-dominated congress led by President Barack Obama.

For many years we have resisted the insistence of the United Nations and socialist-led countries to sign onto the International Court where constitutional rights of Americans will be superseded by a court hostile to our institutions and individual rights and immune from US voter and congressional oversight. Our soldiers and citizens can be arrested and charged under leftist laws without protection of our constitution.

Of course a Kyoto-like treaty ignored even by President Bush will easily get ratified in the next congress and eagerly signed by President Obama. It will not be enough that our economy and individual rights will be saddled by new environmental laws but the country will be subject to international oversight to assure compliance with extreme regulations.

Rights under the Second Amendment will be jeopardized as gun control advocates will be able to accomplish what has been denied by congress and the U.S. Supreme Court as the United States signs a treaty to ban small arms and light weapons among United Nation member countries.

The Law of the Sea Treaty which has faced opposition in congress can become law as we surrender unilateral rights to foreign controlled agencies of the United Nations.

Who knows what effect on the country ratification of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Woman (CEDAW) will have.

Will a requirement to participate in world taxes be far behind? One of the United Nations goals is to collect a United Nations royalty on all fossil fuels extracted in international waters.

We must also remember that Senator Barack Obama introduced legislation, (S. 2433) called the Global Poverty Act “to promote the reduction of global poverty and the achievement of the Millennium development goal by allocating $800 billion for this purpose. The laws reference to Millennium Development is short-hand for a United Nations declaration calling for the treaties and convent ions described above. Legislation like S. 2433 has already passed the House. After the 2008 election we can expect S. 2433 to move forward with lightning speed.

Those of us fearful of a Barack Obama presidency based on what is already known of his goals can only shudder at falling of the second shoe."


thekingpin68 said...

The Brainster (McCain blogger) blog in my links has some good inside insights on political events.

thekingpin68 said...

Too much evil

Some old posters for yea...

Greg said...

Maybe ignorance is bliss, but I'm not as worried as this author. If Obama goes too far left (I know he's already the most liberal senator), there are going to be repercussions in two and four years. Remember the Republican revolution of '94, two years after Clinton was elected?

What scares me more are the extremists who control or have access to the media. I just read an article on CNN that speculated on which of Bush's executive orders Obama was going to rescind. One political analyst said that until Obama reverses every executive order that Bush ever gave, Obama will be sharing the Presidency with Bush. The assumption here is that Bush did not sign any executive orders that Obama would agree with, which I think is highly presumptuous.

Jeff said...

The Brainster (McCain blogger) blog in my links has some good inside insights on political events.

Thanks, Russ, I'll have to check that out.

Some old posters for yea...

Cool classic posters. I left a long comment.

Jeff said...


Maybe ignorance is bliss, but I'm not as worried as this author.

Well, some are like you. Others think things will get better. I tend to suspect things could possibly get much, much worse. However, none of us knows the future. I think you would agree, though, that we should all be in prayer concerning the future of this country.

What scares me more are the extremists who control or have access to the media.

I believe that the media is largely liberal, and definitely has an agenda. I also tend to think that, because the media has so much influence and power over the opinions and thinking and mindset of the masses, that the media had a lot to do with the successful election of Obama. After a point, you didn't see any more candidates except for Hillary, McCain and Obama. The spotlight and attention was taken completely off all the others (At one point, there was a very brief focus once again on Romney, but that didn't last long). Then it was only McCain and Obama. Nothing more was heard about any of the other candidates in the media. And the media proceeded to put Obama in a positive light, while intentionally putting McCain in a negative light. I tend to suspect that McCain was chosen to be focused on by the media because of his age and his feeble appearance, and therefore would not seemingly pose much of a threat against the Democrats.

satire and theology said...

Thanks, Jeff.

Unexpectedly my s&t article came together last night and early this morning.

Even some more politics...

thekingpin68 said...

Even as you fall further behind in links again...

Feelings oh wo wo, your poor feelings.

Anonymous said...

Even as you fall further behind in links again...

Feelings oh wo wo, your poor feelings.