Saturday, January 3, 2009

1-2% MINORITY RULES in the United States

"While homosexuals claim they make up 10% of the population, the reality is closer to 1-2 percent A NEWLY RELEASED REPORT from the Centers for Disease Control's National Center for Health Statistics reveals that only 2.3% of the population considers themselves homosexual. The statistics come from a 2002 National Survey of Family Growth and are based on 12,571 interviews with men and women ages 15-44 years of age. (The findings were reported in WorldNetDaily, September 16, 2005).
According to this survey, only 2.3% of the males surveyed considered themselves to be homosexuals; 1.8% considered themselves to be bisexuals."
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Since this is true, then WHY do so many TV shows and movies represent homosexuals as if they made up the majority of the population?

And WHY is this now the case?:

"One of the top lawyers in the nation in the battle to protect traditional marriage, historically Christian lifestyle choices, parental rights and the key freedoms provided by the U.S. Constitution is warning that there eventually could be no lawyers left to take up those disputes.

That's because of a recommendation before the State Bar of Arizona – the organization that licenses attorneys – to require all new lawyers to swear they won't let their personal religious perspective on homosexuality affect their representation of any client."
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WHY is it that 1-2% of the population is getting laws passed giving them SPECIAL rights over 98-99% of the population? This is RIDICULOUS!!


satire and theology said...

'Since this is true, then WHY do so many TV shows and movies represent homosexuals as if they made up the majority of the population?'

Hollywood and the New York based media play a part.

I have a theory that sub-consciously at least, many socially liberal heterosexuals support homosexuality as normal since if this is considered acceptable moral behavior then heterosexual fornication, adultery, multiple partners, and prostitution will in the minds of some of these persons be more acceptable and in for less criticism as these acts would be much more typical types of behavior than homosexual acts.

Jeff said...

You may be right about that theory, Russ. After all, 'passing the buck' has been the practice of sinners ever since Adam and Eve. If you can point to someone else who sins 'worse than you,' so to speak, then your sins don't look as bad.