Saturday, May 23, 2009

A List of Helpful Websites on the Founders of America, Conservativism, and the Constitution

Educational Resources:

National Center for Constitutional Studies
An archive for all of America's founding documents

Founding Fathers Information

The Heritage Foundation
A conservative policy think tank

Wall Builders
Learn about America's Christian Heritage

Founding Fathers Quotes about Christianity

More Founding Fathers Quotes

Recommended Reading:

The Bible

The 5000 Year Leap
The Real George Washington
The Real Thomas Jefferson
The Real Benjamin Franklin

The Heritage Guide to the Constitution

The American Patriot's Almanac

Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto

The Dinosaur Book of Wisdom and Observations

Conservative Commentary, News, Radio & Blogs:


thekingpin68 said...

Can you make the links live/clickable?

I know it is a pain, but is useful for readers.

Jeff said...


Yes, since there are a lot of links, it would be a pain. Maybe tomorrow or whenever I have the time and feel like doing it, I may do so. I did consider it when I posted it, but then I thought maybe it would be better if the reader sees the actual address. Of course, I could make the actual address clickable, as well, so that they can still see the URL address.

And I agree that it would be more convenient to make them clickable, so I will likely do so.

Right now, I have a sinus headache (it's been raining, and that often causes a sinus headache; also, I ate 6 sunny-side up eggs today on whole wheat, so that might also contribute to having a sinus headache, because dairy products build up the mucous). It's also about 1:25 AM, and I have to go to church in the morning (I was playing a first-person shooter game online with my brother in Dunnellon and my cousin in Jacksonville, while we were on cell phones, even though we did have text chat capabilities in the game).

Jeff said...

OK, the links are now clickable.