Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What's wrong with our country? Let me count the ways...

OK, I'm not going to be 'politically correct' here. In fact, I'm going to complain. And maybe even step on some toes and offend some people. Someone just sent me one of those "I'm a Bad American" e-mails which talks about all the things that are wrong with our country (similar to one of those "angry American" e-mails), and all the things that make them mad about what is happening today. So I'm going to list just a few of those things, and the way I feel about them.

For many years now, Americans have been cutting their own throats by buying foreign products. That has been going on for years now, and we are paying the price for it.

Personally, I think most Republicans are conservative and most Democrats are liberal, but I'm considering independents more and more, because even among Republican candidates, it seems our choices are becoming less and less palatable.

My greatest hero is Jesus....well, He's not merely my hero, but my Lord, my Savior, my Master and my God. But after Him, my heroes are people like Steve Saint (son of martyred Nate Saint of "End of the Spear" fame), John MacArthur (great preacher, though in recent years I have disagreed with one or two things he says), Mark Kielar (of Cross TV's "Word Pictures" who is one of the few on TV today that truly, convictingly, unapologetically and strongly preaches God's truth, and does not teach false doctrines), Charles Spurgeon (one of the greatest preachers of all time, along with Jonathan Edwards), the late Dr. James Kennedy (TV preacher from Coral Ridge Presbyterian church who heroically fought on the front lines against abortion, homosexuality, etc.), David Barton (of WallBuilders.com, who is a great historian and can prove that America was indeed founded on Judeo-Christian principles largely by men who were very strong Christians), Mark Cahill (one of the most active street witnesses for Jesus today), John Piper (great preacher), the late Keith Green (one of the few contemporary Christian singers that I have great respect for, and who did not water down his message), Nick Vujicik (an inspiring Christian with a great attitude who has no limbs, but he travels around the world speaking for Christ, and he doesn't let anything stop him), and people like that.

I think it's ridiculous for blacks to be called "African American" when neither they, their parents, nor their grandparents have even been to Africa, nor do they even speak any African language. By that token, I should be called a "British-American," since my ancestors came over from Great Britain. If people want to remember their heritage, that's fine. But "political correctness" gets silly at times. I also think many blacks limit themselves by holding onto that "poor me" victim mentality. Sure, their ancestors were slaves. But I wasn't around then, and neither were they. Yes, there are whites who hate blacks, but there are just as many blacks who hate whites. And, according to someone I know who has attended all-black churches for years, some of the black churches are one of the sources that feed this prejudice. It would be more beneficial to "African Americans" or "people of color" if they would focus on motivating, encouraging and building up one another, and uniting, instead of living in the past, and instead of fighting each other and tearing each other down. Instead of constantly reminding each other that they are losers and underdogs, it would surely be more helpful to them if they were to focus on the positive things their ancestors have done. There are many black heroes of the past, especially those who were men of God, whose stories should be told for the purpose of motivation and encouragement.

American Indians have more right to complain than blacks do, because many of their nations were wiped out completely, and many of them are oppressed today to a greater degree than blacks are. I was told by a Native American, however, that many American Indians are held back by their addiction to alcohol and their laziness. This is a tragedy. They, too, would benefit greatly if they could put aside their "I'm a loser and an underdog" mentality, but such a change cannot be easy, as they have been abused, cheated, and oppressed by the federal government even till today.

Jews have more of a right to complain about persecution than either blacks or American Indians, because they have been persecuted for thousands of years, and almost exterminated. And the latest attempt to exterminate them, the Holocaust, is even being refused to be accepted as a historical reality by some today, which is a gigantic slap in the face to Jews. I believe Christians have worldwide been physically persecuted more consistently than Jews (via prison, poison, torture, rape, dismemberment, disfigurement [i.e., by acid], murder, etc.), but Jews have been persecuted longer, because they have been around longer.

In contrast, the Cubans in Miami often came over with nothing. And now, they have pretty much taken over Miami, including the language, culture and politics. One thing I can say about Cubans is that they don't sit around feeling sorry for themselves. They are very innovative and creative, and, though many of the ones that I lived around were largely made up of those that Castro sent over when he emptied out his prisons ("mariolitas"), they at least use their brains, and they know how to get by with very little, and they know how to make money (whether legally or illegally), and they are not lazy.

The only problem I have with "In God We Trust" being on our money is that it is no longer true. Too many in this country no longer trust in God. If we were to be honest, putting "In Obama We Trust" on our bills would probably be more correct for way too many Americans. (Maybe those are the ones who should move to a Socialist country.)

I dislike kids and adults, of various organizations, standing in front of stores, or at intersections, begging for money. When I was in Boy Scouts, the Junior Luther League, the High School Wrestling Team, etc., we NEVER went around begging for money. We washed cars, sold doughnuts, held carnivals, etc. Today, too many kids and adults are apparently too lazy to actually EARN money. And those who hold cardboard signs at street lights often make more money begging than I would working eight hours a day. (I offered to take one to a restaurant one time, and he refused. So, obviously, his "Will Work For Food" sign was a lie.)


thekingpin68 said...

'For many years now, Americans have been cutting their own throats by buying foreign products. That has been going on for years now, and we are paying the price for it.'

America needs to find a way to produce more affordable quality products. At the same time the employees need to be able to make a good wage.

'But Christian jobs usually pay very little, and missionary work often requires you to pay your own way or beg other people for money, which I hate doing.'

Yes, that is not for me either, after many years of academic study without full-time pay.

Jeff said...

Thanks, Russ.

I think America is failing spiritually, and the consequences include economic and other problems.

Tamela's Place said...

I totally agree with you.. No offense here :)


Jeff said...

Thanks, Tamela.

I revised the two paragraphs about blacks and American Indians just a few minutes ago. My point was originally concerning the absurdity of 'political correctness,' but, being that I tend to be verbose, I expanded on that. So, because some people are so touchy and easily offended today when you talk about race, I revised it a little, in order to try to put a little more focus on the positive.

Nitewrit said...

Amen, Jeff. Political correctness is nothing but a way to stifle freedom of speech and the open discussion of ideas. One can not resolve issues unless everyone can freely express their view, even if it is unpopular or incorrect.

Larry E.

Jeff said...


Amen, Jeff. Political correctness is nothing but a way to stifle freedom of speech and the open discussion of ideas. One can not resolve issues unless everyone can freely express their view, even if it is unpopular or incorrect.

Yes, and thank you, Larry. In agreement with you, the issue is really not race, but politics. A person cannot help what country they were born in, or what color their skin is, or what language they grew up learning. My Aunt is French. My brother-in-law's mom is Puerto Rican, and his step-dad is Cuban. My cousin used to be married to a Native American. I was brought to Christ through the witness of a black guy. I have two goddaughters (in separate families that don't even know each other), and one of them is black (born a crack baby and adopted by the foster mother who is Chinese). I dated a girl from Hawaii, and a couple or other girls who were from Cuba. My sister-in-law is Cuban. My other brother dated, for a while, a black woman from England (originally from the islands). But he married a girl from Honduras.

Your point about being able to freely express your views is an important one.

Greg said...

Yup, about the same things (AND MORE) bug me, too! :)

Jeff said...

Thanks, Greg. And yes, there is a ton of more stuff that bothers me about this country as well.