Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mark Cahill: Lukewarm no more!

I will get back to the lessons on Islam, but I wanted to share this excellent video.


satire and theology said...

I found out today that if one subscribes to a Blogger blog, all the comments are sent. That means there is no delay and deleted edited comments will be sent as well.

I do not like that. One subscriber told me he sees all my edits.

But, practice makes...better.


Jeff said...

I think I have seen the same thing as far as Facebook comments that are e-mailed. Yeah, I can see where that could not be good. That should be changed. A delay might help it.

Thanks, Russ.

satire and theology said...

Yes, I am not happy about it. A benefit of having a paid for private website with blog added would be more control. But, Blogger is free. As noted previously, Blogger/Google basically co-owns every Blogger blog.