Friday, April 4, 2008

Former Shi'ite Muslim Afshin's Journey to Christ


Anonymous said...

Great Blog.

I've found a militant atheist if you want to try and help him; he's at:

GBWY, James

Jeff said...

Thanks, James.

I checked out the site very briefly. Presenting the gospel to a militant atheist seems to me to be a waste of time, since the person has apparently already rejected the gospel. Jesus told His disciples to wipe their feet as a testimony against those who rejected the gospel they presented, and not to cast pearls to swine (in other words, don't waste your time trying to tell someone the Good News of the gospel if they obviously refuse to accept it). Though only God can change hearts, and He can change any heart He chooses to change [for example, Saul, a persecutor of the Church, was changed by God to become Paul, the greatest Christian missionary of all time]; nevertheless, unless I feel led by the Lord to witness to someone who has apparently already rejected the gospel of Jesus Christ, I don't see much purpose in it, other than merely starting a fight, which is pointless. You can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped. However, we can and should pray for him to come to Christ, so that he will not suffer eternal torment in Hell.

thekingpin68 said...

The Iranian Emilio Estevez?

Presenting the gospel to a militant atheist seems to me to be a waste of time

Good, point. Chuck went on an atheist site to help Rick B, and was called an A ___, for his trouble.

MR. X said...

James was actually me. But cheers.