Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lee Strobel's Testimony

This is a short summary of Lee Strobel's testimony. He is a former atheist, lawyer and award-winning legal editor of the Chicago Tribune who decided to use his legal and journalistic training to investigate the claims of Christianity and see if there was any credibility to it. He decided to do what he did at the Chicago Tribune, which was to check out stories to see if they were true. He decided to look at both sides, as well as looking at other world religions. In addition, he looked at some of the most brilliant legal minds of history; for example, Simon Greenleaf of Harvard, and Sir Lionel Luckhoo, of whom the Guinness Book of World Records describes as the most successful lawyer in the history of the world (he had more murder trials won in a row than any other defense attorney in history). These men were brilliant people who applied the laws of evidence to the resurrection accounts and walked away convinced that they are true. After almost 2 years of intense investigation, Lee concluded that the evidence overwhelmingly supported the claims of Christianity.


thekingpin68 said...

I have heard him on CRI quite a few times. I think he may work with them somewhat.

Jeff said...

Yeah, apparently Lee Strobel is friends with (or an associate of) Hank Hanegraaff, the nationally syndicated "Bible Answer Man" and president of the Christian Research Institute.