Sunday, April 13, 2008

Questions regarding Evolution

1. If Evolution takes billions of years, then how is it that a sperm and an egg only takes 9 months to produce a human baby?

2. How did a woman's menstrual cycle evolve?

3. How did reproduction evolve?
(In Question #1, I was asking about the time factor involved; now I'm asking for the specific evolutionary steps that were supposedly involved.)

4. How did cell splitting evolve?

5. How did protons, neutrons, electrons, lepons, muons and quarks evolve?

6. How did breastmilk evolve?

7. How did feelings, emotions, conscience and imagination evolve?

8. If "natural selection" and "survival of the fittest" are fact; and, assuming that homosexuals were born as homosexuals; then, how is it that there have been homosexuals for thousands of years? Why did evolution not weed them out because of their inability to reproduce?

9. How did the ability to dream evolve?

10. How did sexual organs evolve?

11. Why did flounders "evolve" with two eyes on the same side of their head?

It is more probable that all the computers in the world today came together (starting with nothing) by sheer chaotic accident, with no designers or builders; than it is that man, with his incredibly complex brain (not to mention the unbelievably complex network of cells working together to make up all his organs, his body and all his functions) evolved.

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thekingpin68 said...

Good questions. Science will eventually answer more questions, but meaning and origins shall remain a problem for science outside of assistance from philosophy/theology.

God the creator provides meaning and origins.

Cheers, Sir Jeff.