Thursday, May 29, 2008

Song: Because He Lives


thekingpin68 said...

That is a new twist, but we do need variation in blog articles.

I am off to the Rush concert tonight.

Jeff said...

Rush, huh? Well, I understand that they are very popular, they have been around since 1968 I believe, and apparently they put out some quality music.

I only listen to Christian music, and I have only been to Christian concerts. Well, except for attending a Janet Jackson concert about 20 years ago...and another multi-band hard rock outdoor concert, many years ago, that I only went to because my friend invited me. Otherwise, I would never have gone. They had women taking off their tops there, heavy drinking, and co-ed bathrooms. I would not go to such a thing again.

satire and theology said...

Yes, Rush are an excellent hard rock (fusion) band. They are among the best as composers and players. My other favourite band are the jazz fusion greats Mahavishnu Orchestra (I 1971-1973) led by John Mclaughlin whose guru for a time was the late Sri Chinmoy of NYC. I met Mr. Mclaughlin once and he was a very nice man. I have two autographs from him, one in person and one via his website.

On thekingpin68 fairly recently I compared the drumming techniques from these two bands and I have clips from both bands on satire and theology, but I do not know if they are all still available on You Tube or Google.

On one article I discussed McLaughlin's religious comments from the end of a clip.

If this interests:

Search on satire and theology top left box

Dance of Maya

Two pastors from my church are Rush fans, and one was at the show.